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  • Apple faces constrained iPhone SE supply on surprise demand

    mac_128 said:
    sflocal said:
    So what?  The phone's been out for a month.  Assuming Apple did truly underestimate demand on the 64GB model, they will ramp up that production so in a couple more weeks it will be a non-issue.  I'd rather not put out enough of everything, than to have too much of one thing and have a glut of them.
    So what? Apple is clueless about what the base RAM should be on their phones. I'm not necessarily advocating for the eradication of the 16GB phone because it definitely has a place in the worldwide Apple ecosystem, especially in an entry level phone. But the fact that in the US, Apple miscalculated the demand for 64GB over 16GB so badly is very telling.
    16GB is not considered the base RAM, it's the amount of storage. Big difference.
  • Apple 'privacy czars' put clamps on products like Siri & iAd - report

    So I guess it's safe to say that Google's Privacy Czar employee count is zero? Or would that be a negative number if you take into account all the Czars hired to harvest user data?
  • Apple, US prosecutors to present and cross-examine witnesses at iPhone encryption hearing

    Joe111 said:
    AAPL PR stunt.
    yeah, okay Einstein. Apple orchestrated the San Bernardino shooting, told the terrorist to destroy his other electronic devices and leave only his work iPhone in pristine condition. They then told him to make sure the passcode was set, and then waited and hoped the FBI would not be able to access the data and force Apple's a public create a backdoor. Apple then struck a deal with the government to make sure they and the FBI were questioned before congress, which then led to Apple begging the FBI to take them to court...all so they can sell more iPhones. Stop me when it begins to sound ridiculous.
  • FBI issues safety warning to auto makers on vehicle software security

    FBI: Oh you think we can retract this story? Forgot all about the Apple case next week.
  • Man pleads guilty in celebrity iCloud hacking case, admits to phishing scheme

    "Reports at the time suggested iCloud itself had been hacked, but Apple denied those claims. It appears the company was correct in its assessment."

    And will all the Apple haters and pundits who demonized Apple for this breach please stand up and take it like a man. You've been owned!