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  • Siri has commanding lead in users over Google Assistant, Samsung S Voice in the US

    STOP PRESS "product with far larger installed base has more users" SHOCK HORROR !!! Is it such a slow news day ?

    Having said that, it's a shame Siri is utter dogsh!t. Everyone tries it at least once intentionally, then loads of times accifentally - usually with similar results. I've rarely found an instance when manually searching wouldn't have been at least as quick as Siri.
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  • EU hammers Google with record $2.7 billion antitrust fine for illegal search manipulation

    Or to put it another way, the EU has stomped on some blatantly anti-competitive activities and Google have to pay something for having broke the law. If they don't like the laws of a territory they can always stop trading there.

    Back a few years when Google used to rank your website by relevance to the search (remember those days ?) our website was top of almost every possible relevant search. After 6 months of being bombarded by and rebuffing telephone calls from Google "suggesting" we started paying for Adwords we suddenly, overnight, fell off a cliff to the extent that even I couldn't find our entry using the same search words.

    Miraculously within hours of signing up for Adwords, guess what ? Yes, we were back at the top again.

    So I don't have a problem with the fine.
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  • Apple scaling back iPhone 7 production as early demand fades - report

    Apple in "iPhones sell fewer units in second half than in first half" shock scandal ! /s
  • Customer rampages through French Apple Store, smashes iPhones, iMacs, MacBook Air

    What's so amazing is the way he was treated by employees, security and customers. The security guard appears to be conversing with him about his actions, the store employees don't appear disgruntled or scared and other customers aren't reacting to his actions. In America his antics would not have been so politely received. My guess is a bystander would have intervened and a tussle would have ensued. Everything just comes off very passive.
    In America he would probably have had a gun rather than a petanque ball and the mall security guards or a shopper would likely have shot him.

    Vive la difference.
  • Samsung sees 10% profit growth on better-than-expected sales of flagship Galaxy S7

    200% order rise from f all is still only 3 f alls. 

    If I were a Samsung investor I doubt I'd be turning cartwheels over a 10% rise in 'consolidated operating profit'. There's a lot of accountancy double dealing to play with behind that phrase.