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  • Apple rumored to release 27-inch iMac with mini-LED display in early 2022

    vedelppa said:
    vedelppa said:
    I'm affraid those "Mac Mini Pro"s will only come with the AS Mac Pros (and maybe as a "Mac Pro Mini", or the current Mac Pro will become the Mac Pro Max and Mac Pro will be that.. OK, last theory: I think the processors for that will be called M2 Studio so add "Studio" to the moniker-mix! :D), if ever :/.. What a shame a mid-level headless desktop is out of their interest! :( Anyway I don't like this mini-LED thing they push, with its local dimming zones instead of per-pixel dimming. Does it even deserve the "pro" moniker? Feels like a "good enough" for the price of a used car..
    Are you really upset that microLED tech isn't ready yet, so they picked the next best thing to them? You think they didn't test OLED in the process? REALLY?

    dunno if there's a problem with your reading comprehension or you just make up things to throw **** on me?
    I interpreted your ragging on mini-LED display as the same issue.   Mini LED is much better than current LED backlighting and has advantages over OLED.  Apple looked at all the display tech and picked what was the best in terms of performance, price and availability.   We all know the future will be some form of micro LED  display tech but that is not available today.  
  • iPhone gets USB-C thanks to creative robotics engineer

    flydog said:
    charlesn said:
    We'll never see a USB-C iPhone. Portless iPhone by model 14 or 15 at the latest. A change from lightning to USB-C for a year or two would be stupid. The only tech obstacle is a fast enough charging speed to match wired, and we're not that far off now. Wireless data transfer is already there. We'd also need some sort of wireless dongle to plug into cars that are wired CarPlay only. Maybe I'm forgetting something, but I see no other major obstacles to a portless iPhone. 
    Wireless charging is never going to be as efficient as wired charging,

    That comment won’t age well. 
    This comment will age just fine, it’s simple physics.  Wireless charging will always be less efficient since it’s not a direct nearly lossless connection. 
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook receives 255,000 shares of Apple stock

    carnegie said:
    vesalius said:
    Some one needs to lecture Apple/Cook and the bad politics of evading ceo taxes. Apple and Tim offer opinions on a multitude of nonfinancial sociopolitical topics why not this one? 
    In what way are they evading CEO taxes?
    There is no way Tim Cook is avoiding income taxes on his RSU’s, people make comments with no basis in fact.  If he is please let all of us know since many of us also receive RSU’s every year and I definitely pay income taxes on them. 
  • Ford poaches executive leading the 'Apple Car' project

    davgreg said:
    Ford does not need this guy , but a good experienced engineer is always welcome.

    The Mustang Mach E and F-150 Lightning shows Ford is off to a good start with EVs.

    Regarding a comment concerning VW, the UI on VW EVs is horrible. The UI is slow, laggy and not well designed. The I.D. 4 is a decent, but not great car and uses the same foundation as the ID.3. And yes Tesla quality and reliability are questionable - Tesla is trying to suppress data reporting on their cars quality and reliability.

    I personally still think Apple would be better off developing a SW/HW package that could be sold to automakers rather than making cars outright. Anybody who has extensively shopped for a car knows that most touchscreen and capacitance interface stuff is awful. No touch anything will ever be as good as a hardware switch.
    Fully agree.  I Don’t really understand why Apple would want to build autos since it’s low margin business with an enormous amount of working capital. Apple’s expertise is in software and human to hardware interactions this is where they can have a significant impact on the auto market.  The established auto companies  need to team with Apple to get there software on their platforms. I believe Apples project Titan is in the end a software-hardware package to sell to the auto companies. I really can’t believe Apple wants to build and sell cars.  
  • Germany wants Apple to offer iPhone updates and parts for 7 years

    This is a proposal from people whom do not understand consumer electronics or economics.   Who in the world would want to repair a 7, 6 or even 5 year old phone or tablet?  The repair cost would exceed the device value or at best be a wash.  Typical European government wanting to interfere with the free market - the nanny state always goes too far.   Do these “geniuses” ever think that maybe one could buy a used 6 year old phone or tablet for a lot less than it would take to repair the same device.  This is a brain dead proposal from the Germans.