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  • Apple hourly workers feel helpless under punishing pressure & mistreatment

    georgie01 said:
    This attitude of ‘I deserve better’ is literally ruining our societies. I’m not saying they do or don’t deserve better, I don’t know. What I do know is that ungratefulness, jealousy, and entitled attitudes lead to things falling apart. Not building things up.

    It’s not even that long ago that people were grateful for their jobs, even if they weren’t ideal. Working is a privilege, but our culture looks at how other people have it better or just that we think we deserve better. Most people don’t understand that attitude breaks down the culture. A lack of appreciation ruins everything.
    I’m grateful that I have a job to go to. But when a customer berates me because I can’t do a return on an Apple Pencil that has clearly been damaged, or when a customer spits in my coworker’s face simply because he was reminded to keep his mask on in the store, then it becomes a bit harder to wake up in the morning to go to a job where those things are in the realm of possibility. 

    If “deserving better” means being treated with a modicum of human decency, then yeah, we deserve better.  
  • Apple hourly workers feel helpless under punishing pressure & mistreatment

    As someone who currently works at an apple store, I can confirm that it’s pretty much a sh!t show each shift I work, and I’ve been with apple over 10 years. And it’s not just coming from Apple. Customers are aggressive and rude. So to get it from both sides, it’s demoralizing. 
  • 'Foundation' is beautiful, lavish, and boring say reviews

    These reviews read very similar to the initial reviews of the first season of Game of Thrones so...
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  • Apple becomes first public US company to hit $2.5T market capitalization

    Has there been a non-US company that has reached US$2.5 trillion valuation? My understanding is that Apple is the first company to reach this valuation anywhere in the world. 

    I just find it odd that this article states that it’s the “first public US company” to hit that threshold. While technically true, it just seems unnecessary to make that distinction if it is in fact the first company to do so in the world. 
  • Sketchy rumor claims Samsung courting former Apple engineers for custom chip project

    Samsung thinks that the processor is the secret. It's not. The secret sauce is the integration between software, hardware, and the processor. You can poach Apple's entire Silicon team and even built a processor better than the M1 but if you don't have software that takes advantage of it then what you have a useless piece of silicon.