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  • Video shootout: Apple's iPhone XS Max versus Google's Pixel 3 XL

    How can anyone mention the words  Pixel 3, without the word NOTCH inside the entire review?
    Anyone serious about video on iPhone should be using something like filmic pro. If getting higher bitrates and all resolutions apply.
    Surprised no Android die-hards have said oo you need to used xyz app.

  • Apple repair policy critic vows to fight 'counterfeit' battery seizure by U.S. customs

    I suspect now, his company is marked for importing counterfeit goods. And no doubt anything and everything he may import as a commercial venture would be subjected to inspections, and delays.
    Only an idiot imports a branded product with absolutely no rights to do so. It's fair to say these batteries had somewhere apple name or brand.

    Also, the exporter from China is also breaking the law (yes they do exist) to export a brand requires a license, so you can assume the export documentation didn't say Apple batteries. It is very hard to export products with batteries from China unless you find a company willing to take a risk, and fake the documentation.
    Just a product with a CR3020 inside rings alarm bells with Fex-Ex to the point you have goods sitting around.

    I like some his videos, they are entertaining, but he does have a chip on his shoulder almost the size of google pixel 3 XL Notch.

  • Huawei trolls Apple by handing out power banks to customers waiting in line for an iPhone ...

    jcs2305 said:

    I visited one Apple store in Hong Kong, there were zero outside lines, unlike years before. Just two guys who would try buy your phone hanging outside.
    Was about to buy in shop iWatch4 no problems with stock.

    When you call it IWatch it makes me not believe you're story...
    my Bad Apple Watch.
    dont judge others or you be judged yourself.
  • Huawei trolls Apple by handing out power banks to customers waiting in line for an iPhone ...

    Retail price $59, but the raw cost price is maybe $5.
    I wonder if it supports fast charging. Huawei doesn't make many of their own products, I'm sure this is one such item.

    I believe everyone here nothing less from these 2nd rate manufacturers.

  • Apple's first iPhone X sales begin in Australia & New Zealand

    fallenjt said:
    Let me guess: these 4 phones from mother and daughter there in that picture will go straight to China in a few hours! Lol.

    The price in Hong Kong is cheaper, and who would want to pay even more for a product available here, even with local shops hiking the price it's still cheaper than Australia already hiked price.

    I only would say Apple should force people to open and activate all devices, to stop these bandits selling on. Let the real people who's hearts are for a new product enjoy it, without the excessive  costs.