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  • Editorial: An ad-free, premium social network... from Apple

    Sdw2001 and Tallest Skil,

    i always enjoy reading both of your comments and at my clearest, I sometimes agree with your points.

    But I think it is hilarious that you guys are bemoaning the length of DED columns, when you both go on for what seems forever in defense of at times anti-liberal anti modern humane/civil/global realities. Respect is due for your thoroughness.

    If he didn't provide detail, history and his rationale for his prepositions, he of course would be chasten for the lack thereof.
    Thanks for the smile.  :)
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  • Rumor: Apple to debut 10.5-inch iPad Pro at special event in early April

    I have both the iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9 w/keyboard and pencil. They are both robust and fantastic tools and have enjoyed the use of these tremendously. I can't imagine how they will continue to improve these tablets. I look forward to the reveal, I'm sure they must have some great innovation to add.
    on the new speculated size, 10.5" with a decrease in the Bezel dimension. It will be interesting to hear what people think of the smaller bezel for art and design with the pencil. Unless Apple has designed in a better way to,subtract finger/hand or palm replication while using the pencil, the thinner bezel might detract from the user experience for that segment. I find the present bezel dimension ideal for that use.
  • Apple lobbies against 'right to repair' proposal in Nebraska

    I read your document. My position has not changed. Why is automotive given an exception and can't,similar,argument,be made for other classifications as well, for example medical devices and the like? As I said, narrow the law, make an exception for hi tech, most Cornhuskers needs would be satisfied. Manuals, testing tools and other specialized documentation is also proprietary in a majority of cases, I would imagine similar is true or more so with phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • WikiLeaks document dump reveals CIA iPhone penetration team, insecurity of exploit library...

    As of this writing, Wikileaks has yet to provide any evidence that the tools of our security services exposed by them today were used in any way against American citizens. Therefore these tools were lawful and necessary to defend against our many adversaries. Obama had nothing to do with this conversation(Wikileaks) or in Trumps rants against him. Our enemies and their purposes are helped tremendously by this massive intelligence exposure. Russia in particular will have their evil deeds advanced by this, and not to forget, China, Iran, North Korea and any extremists with a technical core.
    Gaslighting, by the definition I have read, was not my intention. Yet, my coarse expression of my point was uncalled for.
    wikileaks is not your friend or mine, certainly not the friend of liberal western democracy, which is why we are allowed to express such divergent positions safely. In a perfect world, less covert actions, secrets and warfare against our sworn enemies would be nice. The world is in upheaval, the bad actors feign good intentions and the good actors are brushed with whatever demeaning black brush serves the evil doers purpose. And now we have a good percentage of our citizens cheering Wikileaks or exposure of our intelligence agencies and their methods.
    i don't see the value in it. Sorry. 

  • WikiLeaks document dump reveals CIA iPhone penetration team, insecurity of exploit library...

    It always comes back to Obama for you guys. Doesn't even matter to you that Putin now has his boys in the White House. The Republicans in Congress just blindly follow cause power is all that matters. How low will you righties go? You have no dignity, ethics or love for our country, it seems. Reagan would vomit over you dogs! Trump is a great representative for all that is wrong about conservatism in this epic.