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  • Apple developing MicroLED tech at secret facility, likely to debut in Apple Watch

    Bring it on home! Design, component manufacuture, assembly - the whole works. The pleasant and secure shape of things to come!
  • How to ensure you're getting full credit towards your Move & Exercise goals on Apple Watch...

    aegean said:
    I run for two hours every day at ~ 9 KM/H non-stop, and do stair-stepper 3-4 times while at work, never used power saver mode and my battery lasts (~ 5-10% left) two days before it needs recharging. I am using Apple Watch Hermes series 3. Heart monitor on my Apple Watch is very very accurate. I verified it against many other sources and its damn perfect all the time. BTW to respond to the1st poster, it really is for everyone whether you are a serious athlete or just having fun with the watch.
    I really appreciate the information in this article

    I had the first Apple Watch and loved it, and found it very accurate, handed it off to my daughter and now I am still using Series 2. I also find it very valuable in my exercise program, biking, hiking, swimming and walking. Not only accurate, but motivational at whatever level of activity a person chooses. Adding the use of a calorie counter or similar eating diary anyone, young or old and any activity level, can make significant progress toward a healthy lifestyle.  

    Battery life has not been a problem in my experience, daily min. 14 hour use.

    Just another gem in the Apple stable! It has been a good run.

    Regards to all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • AT&T iPhone owners suffering from connectivity issues on LTE

    What a mess. I have spent much time this evening on this, newest in a long list of ATT debacles. Finally with much effort, and many failed calls , live customer service messaging fails and eventually 30 minutes on hold, I received a worthwhile fix on my IPhone X Cellular/Wireless problem. The fix, in my case, involved disabling the PUK code and  a hard restart of the phone. 

    I detest this company, the unreasonable rates they extract from clients and the customer service black hole one often falls into attempting to rectify their f*c” ups and crashes. Oh how I wish Apple could gracefully deliver us all the way through the miasma of the wireless/internet/ monopoly on our society. These sort of recurring  problems should be legislated out of existence with worthy monetary and regulatory sanctions against these failing behemoths until they can be relied on in a failsafe manner to carry out the electronic communication needs of the populace they scavenge. 
  • Samsung looks to reinvent Apple's Genius Bar with WeWork 'care centers'

    Mr. Mick McConnell, VP of design at Samsung Electronics America will be creating Samsung Products ‘Care centers’. :.)

    Care Center, staffed by a herd of clueless cloned idiot savants named Bixby./s Their single focus, beyond Tier 1 fluff, to incessantly bemoan Apple products. But, in fact, many of the Bixby bots will be secretly directing the disenchanted Samsung masses to the nearest Apple Store for high quality products and competent trained staff. 

    Eight Month Update: Mr. Mick McConnell, former VP of design at Samsung Electronics America who had just closed the last eight failed Samsung Product ‘care centers’ was recently seen sadly loitering outside the Visitor Center at Apple Park, muttering to himself. 
    calijeffharriswatto_cobramacky the macky
  • Apple designing iPhones, iPads without Qualcomm modems after key testing software withheld...

    Play nice Qualcomm, everybody wins! Greed doesn’t necessarily work when the firm you are pressuring can easily pick up its chips and gold, moving on to a supplier who will fairly work with Apple to the benefit of each.