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  • Tim Cook refutes negative IDC Apple Watch report, says early holiday sales set new record

    Well we know what Tim Cook thinks of IDC and fake Apple News!
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  • Apple pulls app for finding lost AirPods from App Store

    It seems to me that Apple, given it's not to recent purchase of an indoor geosync/gps? tech, would be able to come up with a more sophisticated and accurate 'find airpod' solution. This is what I believe they are waiting on or planning.
  • Apple gives retail employees T-shirt, keepsake credo for holidays

    Or how about, "Thank you for the TShirt and the Apple Credo". Also, "thank you for reminding me that I work for a wonderful company, with good ethics and that cares about all its employees. Thanks for all the other perks I get throughout the year. And, Apple I understand that you can't get extravagant with the gifts, considering you have tens of thousands of employees and a fiduciary responsibility to the investor/owners.
    And, especially, thanks for the job!".

    that would be my approach. 
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  • Rumor: Apple to debut 10.5-inch iPad Pro at special event in early April

    I have both the iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9 w/keyboard and pencil. They are both robust and fantastic tools and have enjoyed the use of these tremendously. I can't imagine how they will continue to improve these tablets. I look forward to the reveal, I'm sure they must have some great innovation to add.
    on the new speculated size, 10.5" with a decrease in the Bezel dimension. It will be interesting to hear what people think of the smaller bezel for art and design with the pencil. Unless Apple has designed in a better way to,subtract finger/hand or palm replication while using the pencil, the thinner bezel might detract from the user experience for that segment. I find the present bezel dimension ideal for that use.
  • Apple's U.S. forestry programs generated more than 13,000 metric tons of wood in 2016, cre...

    Vision, public service and education. I really love this company. They continue to set the standard on some many fronts.
  • Editorial: An ad-free, premium social network... from Apple

    Sdw2001 and Tallest Skil,

    i always enjoy reading both of your comments and at my clearest, I sometimes agree with your points.

    But I think it is hilarious that you guys are bemoaning the length of DED columns, when you both go on for what seems forever in defense of at times anti-liberal anti modern humane/civil/global realities. Respect is due for your thoroughness.

    If he didn't provide detail, history and his rationale for his prepositions, he of course would be chasten for the lack thereof.
    Thanks for the smile.  :)
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  • Apple, Google, Uber vow not to take part in Muslim registry

    It is our governments decision whether to track and register individuals. My expectation and hope is that the intelligence authorities within our government will soberly evaluate such a regressive plan.

    Corporations, businesses and individuals pay taxes for this service. They should not be made to take part in a Big Brother operation. Unless, national security needs are displayed and proper checks and balances have been established. Thus far the jury is out on the value of such a program, in  light of previous attempts such as the Japanese internment camps and the lack of value and damage it did to our reputation as a beacon of freedom and democracy.

    i am glad to know that these important companies put privacy and personal freedom ahead of some people's wrong headed and jingoistic plans to satiate our need to be protected from 'the others'.
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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook delivering MIT commencement speech in June

    woe... you think Apple's 3+ year old computers are "best in class by a wide margin"... Man, you really need to see what's out there.  

    You also think they are making sensible choices?  What choices?  ignore everything except the iPhone.   Yah... for short term profits that's the way to go, but long term, there will be nothing left to fall back on.  I find it ironic that those who are okay with how things are being run are the ones that harming Apple the most.  If you want Apple to be around after the iPhone boom is over (and it will, just like Nokia, Motorola, RIM. Palm), you should be on Tim's case to do better (ie, New product categories, keeping ALL products they sell competitively updated)
    Great Post, very true.

    on the other hand, the pressure is obvious on all top level manager. It is all around them, as relates to growth and innovation. Undeniable.

    So with that said, seems appropriate to assume they feel the heat, they are taking steps to rectify any weaknesses and accentuate the quality in the program.

    We are all that megaphone!
  • Apple lobbies against 'right to repair' proposal in Nebraska

    I read your document. My position has not changed. Why is automotive given an exception and can't,similar,argument,be made for other classifications as well, for example medical devices and the like? As I said, narrow the law, make an exception for hi tech, most Cornhuskers needs would be satisfied. Manuals, testing tools and other specialized documentation is also proprietary in a majority of cases, I would imagine similar is true or more so with phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Apple Music sets new album streaming record 47% higher than Spotify, despite fewer users [...

    Apple Music, Apple Watch and Apple Workout App are a fine and well used trio in my life.