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  • Just as it did with iPhone 8, Best Buy tacks $100 extra onto upfront payments for iPhone X...

    nhughes said:
    bill42 said:
    While strange, at least Best Buy has a price matching guarantee, so as long as people notice they won't have to pay the extra $100...

    Price matching doesn't apply to iPhones. It's in the article.
    Best Buy will price match an iPhone in most cases if an Apple Store is within 25 miles and the phone is in stock at the Apple Store. They also only charge 100.00 extra if you are paying full retail and not going with an installment plan because Best Buy in that case doesn't get a kickback for signing up a new customer or an upgrade. 

    So there are some cases when they will price match however that doesn't help with a pre order. Only time I buy an iPhone from Best Buy is when I have a few gift cards and I want to rack up some Elite member points. 
  • Apple to offer 32GB of desktop RAM in top-end 2017 MacBook Pro, 16GB for 12" MacBook

    Soli said:
    When is Cannonlake due? Seems like this year to use desktop-class RAM in a MBP in Kaby Lake when they can just avoid that with Cannonlake would be both the most reasonable as well as typical move for Apple. From my vantage point the cost to include it in Kaby Lake (or Skylake) given what I predict are very low sales volume means it's highly unlikely to happen.
    Cannon Lake I believe is only 5.2 and 15 watt chips which I guess could be used for the MacBook. Expected Late 2017. Coffee Lake 15, 28 and 45 watt mobile processors expected early 2018. These will be 14nm. Cannon will be 10nm. Coffee Lake U and H series for mobile, S and X series desktop. Reports are saying Intel may offer a 6 core in H, S and X to counter AMD Summit Ridge 2017 chips which will be offered with 8 cores. 

    Of course with Intel all of this can change.