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  • Apple to offer 32GB of desktop RAM in top-end 2017 MacBook Pro, 16GB for 12" MacBook

    Soli said:
    When is Cannonlake due? Seems like this year to use desktop-class RAM in a MBP in Kaby Lake when they can just avoid that with Cannonlake would be both the most reasonable as well as typical move for Apple. From my vantage point the cost to include it in Kaby Lake (or Skylake) given what I predict are very low sales volume means it's highly unlikely to happen.
    Cannon Lake I believe is only 5.2 and 15 watt chips which I guess could be used for the MacBook. Expected Late 2017. Coffee Lake 15, 28 and 45 watt mobile processors expected early 2018. These will be 14nm. Cannon will be 10nm. Coffee Lake U and H series for mobile, S and X series desktop. Reports are saying Intel may offer a 6 core in H, S and X to counter AMD Summit Ridge 2017 chips which will be offered with 8 cores. 

    Of course with Intel all of this can change. 

  • Apple defends decision to ditch 3.5mm jack, says AirPods development began years ago

    I thought it was nice that Apple is providing an adapter and not making the consumer buy one at this point. I don't think everyone is going to just simply move to BT headphones because in general corded headphones are still higher quality given their bigger drivers and high-impedance. After the presentation today this seems like a non issue, those that still want to use corded headphones can still do so at no extra cost.

    I don't believe Apple is simply trying to move everyone to BT, in the end they are moving people from analog to digital which will provide higher quality audio. 
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  • Apple officially ditches headphone jack for Lightning, will include adapter in iPhone 7 box

    twidan911 said:
    What a fool. How do u charge it while listening now?!?!? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Bring back the jack!!!!
    they're smarter and more successful than you. I want the new tech. you can keep your old tech with old products. 
    Speak for yourself, they're smarter than you, doesn't mean their smarter than many of us. 
  • Bragi intros cheaper wireless Headphone earbuds days before 'iPhone 7' launch

    Soli said:
    ireland said:
    6 hours? These things are a few years away form mainstream. Also, having them separated like that might not be the most practical design. Myself I prefer wired headphones. Not having to ever charge is a huge deal to me. And is paying a few bucks as opposed to many hundreds.
    BT headphones already account for over 15% of unit sales and over 50% of headphone revenue
    BT headphones still present several problems. The first is they have to be charged and most do not want to think about charging their headphones. The next is overall sound quality. BT headphones are low-impedance, (under 50 ohm) in most cases. It's simple small drivers 6-8mm with low-impedance will never sound as good as larger 50mm drivers with high-impedance. Better headphones simply can't be pushed or driven wirelessly. Larger drivers can to some degree but they will have to be low-impedance. 

    I also love how people use the word "legacy" about a port that is still be far the standard. Another factor is cost. Someone can buy a fairly nice pair of wired in-ear headphones for the same prices as a set of garbage skullcandy wireless headphones. BT has its place but I don't think in three years there is going much of a change in BT marketshare. People will simply use the adapter. 

    Like I have said before this isn't the same as removing an optical drive where the advantages were clear. Making the iPhone thinner is useless as long as most people still have to put a case on it which negates 1-2mm reduction in phone thickness. 
  • Watch: Apple Lightning EarPods for 'iPhone 7' supposedly appear in new video

    Typical Apple. Removing ports and adding adapters. When Apple decided to remove optical drives that at least made sense. The removal of optical drives made room to do one of two things make a device considerably thinner or add space for a larger battery. Any benefit of removing a 3.5mm jack is negated by having to use an adapter.