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  • Apple claps back at UK report it claims would force it to 'redesign the iPhone'

    They seem to be taking the de facto stance that choice is automatically beneficial with actually qualifying the benefit. This is a problem the world over, people crave choice but when you challenge why, the conversation turns irrational pretty quickly.
  • Epic Games acquires Bandcamp to create 'fair' platforms for creators

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    another one bites the dust.
  • Apple still hasn't made Dutch App Store changes despite $28M in fines

    Just pay the fines. If they compromise the store, they’re screwed.
  • Cook's China comments lawsuit gains class-action status

    Blaming the gambling habit on others.
  • Apple's revised Dutch dating app payment changes are under review

    davidw said:
    gatorguy said:
    From another report:

    "When asked by Reuters, a spokesperson for the ACM said the agency “could not comment beyond its public statements on whether a 27% commission would be consistent with its order.”

    “ACM is disappointed in Apple’s behaviour and actions,” it said in a statement. It noted that Dutch courts have upheld its decision, which found that Apple’s behaviour violated competition law.

    The ACM will fine Apple for a maximum of 10 weeks, for a total fine of 50 million euros. It’s unclear what its next steps would be, but this does give Apple around seven more weeks to address the ACM’s concerns. The ACM has said that Apple must actually launch the option for developers of dating applications in the Netherlands to use alternative payment systems in order to be in compliance with the ruling.

    The ACM has also taken issue with Apple’s plans to force developers to choose between linking to an external payment system or using an alternative in-app payment system. Regulators say that Apple must allow developers to do both of these things, not just one.

    Your cut and paste of the  Reuter article is nothing but short of deceiving.

    The ACM is not disappointed that Apple is going to be charging a 27% commission on payments made outside of iTunes. The ACM is disappointed that Apple has not yet implemented their plan to allow developers to use their own or a third party payment system. Apple has only so far posted their plan to be in compliance. So there's no clear cut way for the ACM to determine if Apple plan is in compliance.

    It's now over 3 weeks after the deadline, thus the 3 weeks of fines. This is the behavior that the ACM is disappointed with. And the "behavior" the Dutch Court ruled that violated anti-competition was Apple requiring dating apps to use Apple own iTunes payment system. They have not yet reviewed or commented on whether the 27% commission is with-in compliance of their original demands. But with your cut and paste, you make it seem as though the ACM was disappointed and concern that Apple is still going to be charging a 27% commission on payments not using iTunes and the Dutch Courts has ruled that it violated competition laws.

    I know you're not stupid, so you must be purposely trying to deceive with this post. You're are just proving what many here already suspect ... you are a closet "Apple Hater" who tries to make it seem that you are unbiased with your comments about Apple, Inc..

    Here's a more balanced article about what is transpiring with Apple and the ACM by tech blogger John Gruber.

    Here's the original summary of the Dutch Court findings against Apple.

    Notice no mention of Apple commission or that the commission is anti-competitive. Apple now 27% for dating apps in the Netherland, should have no bearing on whether Apple plan is going to be in compliance, unless the EU Commission and ACM moves the goal post. 

    Is there a precedent to this? Do other retailers get forced to allow customers to use supplier-nominated payment processors for their goods & services? If not, it’s total discrimination.