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  • Editorial: New Mac Pro highlights the gap Apple isn't filling

    lmg said:
    [...] What I do wish is that’s Apple would make its MacBook Pro chargers a lot more durable so I wouldn’t have to shell out $95 a pop when they inevitably fray!
    That issue was addressed three years ago. Chargers now have detachable cables.  If/when it frays, you replace a $25 cable rather than a $95 charger.
  • Apple spending up to $30M per movie to make award-winning Apple TV+

    LOL. They should make a show about computer neckbeards reading rumors on the internet and pretending they know a damn thing about managing anything, let alone the most successful public company in history....cuz reading these armchair executives sure is entertaining. "Apple doesn't know what they're doing! I am CONCERNED! Gahhh!"
    Apple is successful, but it is NOT infallible, so your dismissive attitude towards skeptics is not warranted.

    Apple makes mistakes like any other company. In fact, it might be argued that Apple’s willingness to break new ground actually results in it generating MORE mis-steps than other, more conservative companies. Any venture into unknown territory comes with a risk of failure, so companies like Apple, that are willing to try new things, are more likely to experience flops than companies that always stick to known safe turf.

    Personally, I’m just waiting to see what they come up with, with no real expectations. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Cellebrite says it can pull data from any iOS device ever made

    gatorguy said:
    It doesn't have any impact whatsoever on 99.8% of users IMO. TBH there's almost certainly going to be those rare instances where an already illegal activity and being able to access that person's a data may actually save lives and property. Personally it would be nothing I'd have even a second's concern about. I'm also sure that there's that segment who has so little to worry about in their lives that they'll create a mountain of hand-wringing concern over it for lack of anything else.

    Most folks really do have far more important issues to deal with, things that personally affect their lives. This isn't one of them. 

    Just my 2 cents. 
    “First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
  • Editorial: New Mac Pro highlights the gap Apple isn't filling

    jdw said:
    [...] We all have our own personal takes on the media that we consume. 
    So you’re saying that you may interpret whatever I say however you want, regardless of my intent?

    Misunderstandings happen, but when someone tells you “That’s not what I meant” you don’t get to decide “Yes it is.”

    What I mean when I say something is NOT subject to your interpretation, and neither is what media outlets report.

  • Editorial: New Mac Pro highlights the gap Apple isn't filling

    crowley said: [...] A 40% margin on a computer that costs $2000 to build would be $2800.
    No, 40% margin on a cost of $2000 is $3333 retail.

    The “40%” figure is 40% of the retail price, not the cost. 40% of 3,333 is 1,333.

    Subtract that from the retail price and you’re left with the cost: 3,333 - 1,333 = 2,000.