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  • Mac Pro will be 'easy-to-upgrade,' debut in 2019 alongside 31.6-inch Apple 6K display

    wozwoz said:
    EsquireCats said:
    Would be nice if it had: wireless charging at the base for the phones, trudepth camera for login, and preferably some kind of wired audio out port. (The mac pro's port is too far away.)
    I would really like to have a wireless charging mat integrated nicely in the display stand...
    Oh good lord - please no wireless crap radiating my head in a monitor. 
    I've already ripped the wi-fi crap out of the Mac Pro, and have my desk and home free of any wi-fi emitting radiation. Bliss.

    Time to take off the tinfoil hat, inductive charging doesn't involve wifi and wifi isn't cooking your head or whatever.

    You taking down the radio towers in your neighborhood as well?
    Do you want to tell him about the EM fields radiating around his wiring or should I? Probably better to start him off with a minor shock like that before we get into the myriad radiations bombarding the Earth from space.
    I was gonna post instructions on how to turn his house into a Faraday cage.
    I found out the hard way that stucco is a good start. It attaches to the wall with steel mesh. Even without careful grounding and continuity it does a remarkably good job of attenuating RF! LTE signal strength drops by half just stepping inside from the back yard.
  • Apple's weak Chinese iPhone sales blamed directly on high prices

    As opposed to pricing them much lower and losing money on each iPhone sold?
    That was, of course, a joke, and I think you recognized it as such, but still, to your point -- there is another option beyond pricing too high for the market and losing money: make some compromises in the design that remove costs for things that fall into the realm of diminishing returns.

    I think Apple actually DID that. They made the XR. I just replaced a dead iPhone last week, and I admit being hard pressed to find a reason to buy the XS. The XR is a really good value.

    I remember reading that the camera array and sensors cost more. I could be wrong
    The only place I've seen that written is by users like you and me who just assume it must cost more because it's newer and cooler. We don't actually know that.

    but as I said, Apple is using very expensive components and tech.
    Are they? Are Apple's components really much more expensive that those used by other suppliers? If they were, how would we know? Maybe the components Apple uses do cost more than the modems, flash storage, camera modules, etc. you'll find in competitors top-of-the-line products, but I kinda doubt it. I'm pretty sure Apple's massive purchasing power insures it gets very competitive pricing on third-party components. There doesn't seem to be a massive chasm in the hardware capabilities of an iPhone compared to a similarly-positioned product of another brand, so I'm not inclined to give Apple a free pass on build costs.

    That doesn't mean I don't think iPhones have value -- I do -- I just that I don't think component cost is a major contributor to rising iPhone prices.

    Right, neither of us know for sure but does he think FaceID is free?
    Of course not, but that's irrelevant to the point I made. My point is about the assertion that Face ID makes new iPhones more expensive. We don't know that. If Face ID really does cost more than Touch ID, then it's a valid argument. If it actually costs the same as or less than Touch ID, the argument that its cost contributes to the rising price of iPhones is wrong.
  • Apple's weak Chinese iPhone sales blamed directly on high prices

    The current state of Apple is symbolized by the un ending rip off and hazzard that is the charging cord and lightening connector. Please if you can my dear user name me one other electronic product cable of the last 50 years that fails and fails within months. There is no other as this problem was solved decades ago. Only apple has this problem and it continues year after year. $40 per cable F u Apple
    Nonsense. My cables last years because I don't trash them. And they cost $20. Even Anker's newest Lightning cable is only $3 cheaper. Big whoop.

    A couple years back my experiment MonoPrice and Amazon cables both fell apart fairly quickly tho -- the plug assemblies came apart. Never happened with any of my Apple cables. 
    Bah nonsense 
    so you claim I’m using  the cable wrong. 
    I call bullshit. 
    I use the cable. Period. 
    No other cable has experienced this failure on any device in my near 5o years. 
     It has never occurred on anything ever but an Apple product and this has happened continually since my first iPhone v1. 
    So spare us defending the most valuable company on Earth who somehow can’t make a power cord that doesn’t fray. 

    My experience with Apple cables is about the same as any other brand, not so much better or worse that I've noticed a significant difference. However, lots and lots and lots and lots of people have this same complaint. Everywhere I go I see desks with Lighting cables held together with Scotch tape (literally). I find it hard to imagine that so many people are outright abusive of their cables, which leads me to think maybe those of us who consciously avoid doing things that will cause cable failure are the minority.
  • Apple's weak Chinese iPhone sales blamed directly on high prices

    maestro64 said:
    [...] I am willing to wait to get something since I know the price will come down or there will be a deal around the corner.
    Really? How much did the price of the Mac mini come down in the four years we waited for an update? How much has the price of a the cylinder Mac Pro come down since it hit the market five years ago?

    I disagree that waiting is a viable solution to overcoming the high price of Apple products.
  • Apple Sunnyvale office described as 'black site' with tenuous work conditions

    [...] Everyone has a higher moral standard for Apple. If this were Facebook or Google no one would give a shit.
    Well, yeah. Facebook and Google make no claims of occupying the moral high ground. Apple does. It's part of Apple's marketing strategy. So yeah, of course people expect more from Apple, because Apple itself tells us we can.