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  • Editorial: New Mac Pro highlights the gap Apple isn't filling

    There seems to be a sense that an xMac product is all about future upgrades. To me it’s about being able to  customize my rig out of the gate.

    I think there really is a hole in the lineup. While the mini, iMac, and Pro all overlap, they do so in ways that limit buyer choices. For example, the monitor built-in to the iMac is not an asset for me, it’s a liability. There’s no elegant way to set up a multi-display configuration that includes the iMac’s screen, and why pay for what amounts to a placement inconvenience if one isn’t going to use it?

    So that’s where the mini comes in, but its graphics are anemic. If I want more grunt I can add an eGPU, but it will cost more, perform more poorly, and generate more noise than dropping a card into something like the cylinder or 2019 design.

    Despite Apple’s dream of ignoring PCIe cards, some products still exist only in that form, like Pro Tools DSP/IO and various video interfaces. Even in cases where Thunderbolt alternatives exist, they’re often saddled with compromises in features and performance.

    Even though future upgrades aren’t my primary concern, the flexibility would be welcome. It would be nice to be able to add a function (via PCI card) that didn’t exist at the time of purchase, or even to correct miscalculations. When I bought my mini I thought a 256Gb boot drive would be big enough. I’ve since discovered that having certain files on external storage introduces headaches I hadn’t anticipated. Sadly, there’s now no way to increase the capacity of that drive without buying a whole new computer at roughly $3000 or so. That’s not good value.

    I can work with Apple’s existing line, but only by accepting a series of compromises, and, with the advent of soldered components preventing me from using affordable third-party parts, at ever increasing cost. I don’t know how long that will be sustainable for my one-person business. A customizable Mac would solve that problem.

  • First look: Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR [u]

    Since when was Mac Pro NOT for the top 1%?
    It wasn’t until 2013. There were affordable versions of the cheese grater. I bought one for under CAD$2500 in 2008.

    Even the cylinder was within reach of one-man shops and serious enthusiasts.

    So, in response to your question, I’d say the Mac Pro became a product for the 1% on Monday June 3, 2019.
  • BMW owners unable to access CarPlay due to apparent subscription service outage

    jeffythequick said:
    [...] I'm normally very Pro-BMW, but nickel and diming people for what is standard in every other car makes them look like Spirit Airways, and cheapens the brand.
    In 2008 I bought a used 330. I took it to a dealer to have all the fluids replaced and a couple minor repairs done. One of the windshield washer nozzles didn't work and one of the window switches was sticky.

    The bill was $2400. Two thousand four hundred dollars.

    The window switch was replaced. The cost of the part was $300. Three hundred bucks. For a switch.

    The topper was the windshield washer nozzle. The fault was a kink in the hose. The hose was not replaced, the mechanic just straightened it out. Cost for this service: $90.

    When I expressed dissatisfaction over accumulating $2400 of billing for only 3 hours of work, it was explained to me that BMW does not charge by the hour, but rather has a "book rate" for each repair category. Thus even jobs that are performed concurrently, such as repairing a window switch while the transmission fluid drains, are billed as if each item was a separate shop visit. There's no advantage to having multiple overlapping repairs done at once.

    I explained that we had reached a tipping point in our relationship only one day into my owning a BMW. I asked the advisor to adjust the bill to something a helluvalot better than $800/hour or I would never buy so much as a keychain from them ever again. He refused.

    Despite repeated requests to be unsubscribed, I still receive email invitations from that dealer to participate in their charity galas and golf tournaments. It's bad enough they won't leave me alone, but assuming I'm a golfer is just insulting! :)
  • New report claims Apple spending less on Amazon Web Services, not more

    With so much high-quality sever space at its disposal, why does Apple content take so damn long to load? When I select the TV Shows or Movies app on my Apple TV, it typically takes 5-10 seconds to bring up my content, sometimes as much as 20-30 seconds. I then experience the same delay when I select a specific title. What gives? I have 600MB internet, and Netflix and Prime begin playing almost immediately, so the issue is clearly related to how Apple serves content.
  • Apple retains leads in laptop technical support, but gap is narrowing

    jcs2305 said:
    [...] I personally have never made a call to Apple and have it not be resolved somehow.
    Really? I have. More than once.

    The most recent example is a problem with my iTunes Match subscription. It works fine across all our devices except one Mac, which shows some songs show as existing but unavailable for download. Over an hour on the phone with Apple failed to resolve the problem.

    I'm not bashing Apple, my overall experience with its support has been positive, but no vendor is perfect.