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  • Jobs biographer slams Apple design and missed TV opportunity

    ZooNet said:
    My AppleTV 4K plugged into my Vizio is the perfect TV.

    TVs are like toasters. They have a finite lifespan - unlike my 2010 MBP that seems to keep on ticking like a timex.

    TVs have a much longer lifespan than computers or phones/tablets - which is probably why Apple chooses not to participate in that space. So do toasters for that matter. I’m still using my mid 2000’s TVs and toaster. Probably will be for a few years to come. 
  • Apple warning customers that App Store gift cards can't pay income taxes

    lkrupp said:
    captmrgnx said:
    oldmacguy said:
    Hey, people believe what they hear on Fox, so why shouldn't they believe this?
    Let's not forget all the embellishments, falsehoods, things taken out of context or flat out lies that you get on MSNBC, CNN, Buzzfeed, NBC News, et. all. 
    It amazes me how many times in the past 2 years they would float a bunch of garbage to try to get it into the public consciousness and then do a "page 6" retraction in fine print several days later when no one is watching. Way to go mainstream media.
    Remember when NBC faked a gas tank explosion in a report about GM gas tank fires. GM sued NBC for $1 Billion and Jane Pauley had to go on air for a special segment to retract the entire report as false. The lefties always bring up Fox but the rest of them are just as bad, just as biased, maybe even more so these days. Bottom line is you can’t believe a word coming our of Rachel Maddow’s mouth or any other of the mainstream media talking heads. Walter Cronkite is spinning in his grave.
    It's best just to turn it all off. I remember back in the day when we just had 3 OTA channels 3, 6, and 10, and no cable. The news meant something then. Now it's just a bunch of "for ratings" drama.
  • How to use Tags in macOS Mojave and Catalina

    "but it also has the issue that Pages, Numbers and so on don't have the old Save As feature."
     - Save As is available in Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TextEdit by holding the Option Key and clicking on the File Menu.

    "Apple expects you to want to give a document a name only the first time you save it. So that's the only time you can give it tags, too. When you first save a document, you get the regular Save dialog with the space to write in its name. Just underneath that, there is a Tags field. You can write any tags you want in there.
    However, if you want to add a tag two seconds later, tough. The only way to get that option back is to duplicate the document, which makes the Mac give you the Save As dialog again"
    -- These statements are entirely wrong. If you want to make changes to a document name after initial save, just click the title and change it, or add/remove tags at any time.