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  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    svanstrom said:

    The important thing to understand here isn't the Apple-specific situation, but rather that companies could do a lot to trick people into "accidentally" doing purchases; which means that legally there needs to be some sort of guidelines as far as what is trickery, and what is a reasonable level of making sure you as a company don't by complacency allow your customers to accidentally make unwanted purchases.

    So if Apple make their products to be used by children, and allow some type of purchases to happen in relationship to that, then they end up with a legal obligation to one way or another make sure the parents easily understand how to control such purchases. And "parents" in this context doesn't mean some ideal parents with perfect tech competency, but the type of normal parents of the market that buy Apple products.
    I don't know how you can get tricked into accidentally purchasing something. Whenever I make a purchase either in the app store or in a game I have to enter my password or use face id/touch id. So if I see something pop up asking me to approve it and I didn't knowingly purchase something then I hit cancel and don't approve it. Not sure what else a company needs to do other than make a person enter their password to approve a purchase.

    As for the second paragraph you speak in generalitites. What is easy for one person may not be easy for another. Also it doesn't take a parent with perfect tech competency to do anything on apple products, and how do you define normal parent? What's normal for one person may not be normal for another. If a parent doesn't understand how to do it then they should ask for help, either on line, go to the apple store or ask friend or family member. People need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions or kids actions and stop blaming others.
  • Apple Watch Fall Detection credited with saving unresponsive Arizona man

    When a user takes a hard fall, Fall Detection will prompt the user to respond and dismiss the notification or contact first responders. If the user doesn't dismiss the dialog within one minute, the Apple Watch will do so automatically.

    This is incorrect. If the user doesn't dismiss the dialog, the watch will contact 911 automatically and not dismiss the dialog automatically.

    I think it also sends a message to your emergency contacts
  • Review: Nomad's new 'natural' leather is a lighter option to protect your AirPods Pro

    ITGUYINSD said:
    Anilu_777 said:
    crowley said:
    Ugh, don't undestand why anyone would want to cover electronics in horrible-feeling cowskin.
    Easy - it protects the case (I’ve seen them get a lot of scuffs) and looks unique. 
    Never understood the need to cover the AirPods case.  It's white and who cares if it gets scratched?  I have a case for my laptop, but I don't get a case to cover the case!  ;)
    Even though it's a case to cover my AirPods pro, I still care if it gets scratched. I like my stuff to look new and clean and i do my best to keep all my stuff that way. Also I have the catalyst case which is water proof. Just because you don't care if it your case gets scratched up doesn't mean others don't. Oh and using your logic, why do you have a case for your laptop? The shell on the laptop is just a case to cover the internals and you only use the keyboard and screen. Who cares if the shell gets scratched right?

  • AirPods and AirPods Pro success better than Apple 'could ever imagine'

     I still use my APs too tho, on walks and whatnot where I want to hear my surroundings too.

    Why not just use your airpods pro with transparency mode turned on?
  • Sony details pricing, availability of AirPlay 2, HomeKit 8K, 4K smart TVs

    AppleInsider said:

    The smart features include support for AirPlay 2, allowing the televisions to work with speakers and devices using Apple's audio streaming platform

    Does this mean that the tv will send audio directly to homepods via AirPlay2?