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  • Review: Rotor Riot Controller brings L3 and R3 buttons to iOS games

    With iOS 13 brining support for PS4 & Xbox One controllers there will be ZERO reason to buy/use anything else. Just get a cheap clip to attach it the the remote/phone. Build quality & comfort crush all the MFi controllers. Only interesting aspect here is the wired connection but if you are that hardcore that every millisecond counts, your probably playing on PC or console for those games anyways. 
  • Xbox game streaming to iPhone & iPad surfaces in setup screenshots

    I use this a good bit with my PS4 now. Slower paced game with better since there’s some lag. iOS 13 will make it so much better though, because then I can use my DualShock and not the god awful touchscreen controls. 
  • How to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music

    Nice! This article was very useful for me. I had Spotify for a long time and had thousands of saved songs & tons of playlist so moving to Apple Music was something I didn’t really consider. Then I got my wife an Apple Watch 4 LTE and realized she NEEDED Apple Music if she wanted to stream music while running without having to bring her phone. So now we were paying $10 a month for two services. I kept thinking of switching to an Apple Music family plan but the prospects of rebuilding my library was to daunting. If this works as easily as the article says, I’ll transfer everything over to Apple and save some money by using the family plan. 👍🏼 Good job Apple Insider 👏🏻 
  • Read the fine print of Apple Card's customer agreement

    maestro64 said:
    Not that I pay interest on CC, but 13% is not that low even with good credit history. My main card is only 7.5% and I had the card for 20 yrs now. I thought Apple said they would be offering low competitive interest rates.
    13% is low for a new card in 2019. I can only think of maybe 1-2 that offer lower variable APRs. You’ll
    find plenty with 0% as an introductory rate but even with great credit there are only a few cards (very few, like USSA) that offer under double digit interest. I say this as someone in the credit card industry so I know what our & our competitors offers are. 
  • Lamenting the loss of the adorable 12-inch MacBook

    Loved this little guys. Was able to score my wife a rose gold 12” MacBook 512GB last year on a steak for $1200 brand new. It’s been fantastic for her use case. She shouldn’t need another laptop for a good while.