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  • Apple is using a custom connector for the SSD in the new Mac Pro

    Really? What post did you read? Because the one I read pointed out two different examples of Apple needlessly deviating from standards, just by swapping pinouts around, therefore making their products proprietary and (for years, if not forever) impossible to source on the open market. He also made some comments on margin that were less clearly factual, but still pretty self-evident. The deviation into tax issues, as we've all agreed, was not helpful to his main point, and I excluded it from my support.

    Not quite.  The post contained a few examples of changed pinouts but he did not provide proof of the reason they did it. Was it “needless” or is it you can’t think of any other reasons? I can think of a few that have nothing to do with inflating prices.

    That said, I do feel Apple charges way too much for storage and RAM, at least in their other Mac models.
  • Apple to require two-factor authentication for developer accounts

    That should’ve been standard practice from the beginning.
    The only issue with this is that apple's 2FA requires a device be signed into iCloud with that AppleID. Many developers have a personal AppleID and a separate one for Developer AppleID. So, you need to have a separate device with you at all times in order to sign into your Developer Apple ID.

    I wish Apple would also support TOTP as well.
  • Better together: Why Apple Watch owners should buy AirPods

    svencito said:
    ...and the AirPods' audio quality is very sad compared to Bose.
    Wow, they must be bad then. Bose are good at one thing - noise cancellation. But the sound quality is not worth what they charge. And yes, I own a pair. I only use them when I travel.

    I don't know if it's Apple keeping the W1 chip for themselves, or 3rd parties not wanting to use it, but I wish the W1 chip would show up into 3rd party products. Then we can have some more choice.
  • FBI makes suspect unlock iPhone X in first confirmed instance of forced Face ID

    According to FaceID security guide, FaceID can be disabled by simultaneously holding volume down and power for two seconds.
  • 20 Years of iMac: Steve Jobs iconic internet machine that courageously reinvented Apple

    wozwoz said:
    Actually, I don't remember any quibbling at the time about dropping legacy ports such as ADB keyboards and GeoPorts. The latter were Apple proprietary ports that Apple was replacing with industry standard connectors that were insanely faster better, in every respect.

    Contrast that with today's changes, where Apple is taking high-quality industry standard components (such as the 3.5mm audio connector), and replacing it with proprietary and inferior quality connectors (forcing mini D/A converters in your headphones). That's why Apple supporters are complaining today.
    Your memory is failing you. People complained. Especially about the floppy drive, but the serial and adb ports too. So much so, that Apple ended up putting an ADB port on the blue G3 tower. Interesting you described USB-A as insanely faster and better in every respect. USB-C is faster, can be plugged in upside-down (which is the biggest complaint about USB-A connectors), and can carry more power. I call that better.

    wozwoz said:
    ...sorry but consumer media card slots and ethernet jacks aren’t coming back to the pro portable. Thankfully those who need such use cases can easily plug in an adapter. The rest of us will use wifi.

    lol - wi-fi is for noobs. Pros use Ethernet.
    And even Apple realise it, with the new iMac 'Pro' supporting new 10G Ethernet built-in.
    The only reason there is no Ethernet port on the Mac notebooks is because the connector is too large to fit into the ever shrinking frame (much the same reasons Apple shifted from USB to USB-C).
    The pros that need ethernet on a portable probably also have a large external monitor, keyboard, mouse or trackpad, etc. connected to a thunderbolt dock. Many of those docks have ethernet built in. But I don't see very many Pros insisting on Ethernet when away from their desk.