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  • FBI makes suspect unlock iPhone X in first confirmed instance of forced Face ID

    According to FaceID security guide, FaceID can be disabled by simultaneously holding volume down and power for two seconds.
  • HomePod at launch lacks stereo linking and multiple-room support, features coming 'later t...

    vonbrick said:
    Sonos, Amazon and Google will be drinking today from the tears of disappointed users who thought they were waiting for Apple to get it right.

    Now...let's sit back and wait for our fellow AI readers to spin this into a tale of suspense, intrigue and to justify why $350 spent is somehow better than $100.

    While the proof of the pudding is in the eating, even a cursory read about the internals of the HomePod vs that of the competition should lead one to expect that the HomePod will sound much better.
  • Rumor: Apple buying screens for 13" MacBook, could signal end of MacBook Air

    lmac said:

    macxpress said:
    BittySon said:
    The MBA is the only remaining Apple laptop with a decent keyboard. 
    Thats all a matter of opinion. I happen to like the newer style keyboards. 
    It's not a matter of style. The new butterfly keyboards are very unreliable and Apple knows it.
    I haven't had an issue with my butterfly 2 keyboard after months of use. I remember back when Apple switched keyboards from the taller, sculpted keys to the flat ones - around the time the white MacBooks were introduced. People complained exactly the same way as they are now. It settled down eventually.
  • Better together: Why Apple Watch owners should buy AirPods

    svencito said:
    ...and the AirPods' audio quality is very sad compared to Bose.
    Wow, they must be bad then. Bose are good at one thing - noise cancellation. But the sound quality is not worth what they charge. And yes, I own a pair. I only use them when I travel.

    I don't know if it's Apple keeping the W1 chip for themselves, or 3rd parties not wanting to use it, but I wish the W1 chip would show up into 3rd party products. Then we can have some more choice.
  • Apple to require two-factor authentication for developer accounts

    That should’ve been standard practice from the beginning.
    The only issue with this is that apple's 2FA requires a device be signed into iCloud with that AppleID. Many developers have a personal AppleID and a separate one for Developer AppleID. So, you need to have a separate device with you at all times in order to sign into your Developer Apple ID.

    I wish Apple would also support TOTP as well.
  • CES 2020: Best of Monitors

    I'm a bit disappointed in the state of external displays for Macs. macOS no longer supports sub-pixel antialiasing, so any display that is not of a "retina-level" resolution results in blurry text (or if you set it to HiDPI mode, very large UI elements)

    A 4K display should be 21-24 inches.
    A 5K display should be ~27 inches.

    Ultrawide displays should be shooting for much higher resolutions not larger sizes. I'd pay a lot for a 34" Ultrawide 6880x2880 display that I could run in HiDPI mode.
  • Ikea's $40 hidden wireless charger will recharge your iPhone through your desk

    timusca said:
    neilm said:
    Interesting. The obvious question is this: how inefficient is it?
    No doubt the answer is "extremely". Wireless charging gets more inefficient the further the device is from the coils, which makes this inefficient by design.
    I think that is jumping to conclusions. You can’t charge your iPhone directly on the device itself or it sounds like you would wreck your iPhone. You have to have a piece of wood or plastic in between the device and the iPhone by design. So I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it’s inefficient. 

    That would make it @timusca ;correct then. If it has to charge through wood or plastic, it's going to need more power to charge your phone. Even more than regular Qi chargers, and even more than plugging it into a lightning cable.
  • Headphone picks for iPhone 7 users missing the 3.5mm headphone jack

    charlesn said:
    It's not the use of Apple's adapter that bothers me with the iPhone 7 and high-quality IEC earphones from Shure--it's the degradation in sound quality, and I wonder why this isn't getting more press coverage. The degradation is hardly surprising when you consider that D to A conversion is now being handled by a microchip in the adapter, which probably has a manufacturing cost of $2, in total, for the whole thing. So uncompressed music files on the way to your audiophile earphones are now being D to A processed by a chip that costs X cents to make. 
    Why do you believe there's a degradation in sound quality? Is there any evidence that the DAC in the adapter is any worse than the one that used to be inside older iPhone models. Not only that, there's a great marketing opportunity for third parties to make a higher quality DAC if that's what you want.