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  • HomePod at launch lacks stereo linking and multiple-room support, features coming 'later t...

    vonbrick said:
    Sonos, Amazon and Google will be drinking today from the tears of disappointed users who thought they were waiting for Apple to get it right.

    Now...let's sit back and wait for our fellow AI readers to spin this into a tale of suspense, intrigue and to justify why $350 spent is somehow better than $100.

    While the proof of the pudding is in the eating, even a cursory read about the internals of the HomePod vs that of the competition should lead one to expect that the HomePod will sound much better.
  • Toyota concedes, reveals plans to launch first cars with Apple CarPlay

    It's good they finally realize that car makers are absolutely terrible at designing in-car entertainment systems.

    Now can they put more leg room in their cars too? A subcompact Honda has as much legroom in the driver's seat as a compact Toyota.
  • Apple apparently shifting more MacBook orders to Foxconn with no plans for a major update ...

    Soli said:
    All I want is a MacBook Pro with more than 16GB of RAM…
    Done! You can get up to 16GiB.
    As hard as people try, the GiB, MiB terminology is never going to catch on. It's just too awkward.

  • Watch: The best tvOS games for Apple TV 4K

    We can argue about whether it’s a console or not, if it has the correct API, but the bottom line is if we want console-quality games then we have to pay them.

    It’s not hard to figure out why we don’t have games that normally cost $50+ on a platform where customers routinely complain “I gotta pay $9.99?!? What a ripoff!”
  • President-elect Trump says Apple's Cook wants to 'do something major' to build iPhones in ...

    If Trump can do some things to encourage companies to build in the U.S. I think that's great.

    I'm sick of all the whining/doom & gloom about him. He clearly wants to help create jobs.

    Here in Canada we have a progressive ideologue (Prime Minister Zoolander) that is doing absolutely nothing to spur job growth. I hope for your sake that Trump is successful and that brushes off on Canada.
    The problem is the US simply doesn't have the infrastructure and logistics to build iPhones or other high-volume electronics in the US any more. It's not just about cost. Apple would be happy to pass that cost on to the consumer. It's just not feasible to make so many phones to meet demand. And let's be honest: "encouragement" means a tax break. That solution doesn't scale. If every company gets a tax break, where does government tax revenue come from? PM Trudeau (use his real name if you have a valid point; name calling just cheapens it) is doing something to spur job growth. Except that he is looking forward to jobs of tomorrow (e.g. renewable energy jobs) instead of traditional manufacturing and oil jobs that are going away no matter where they are.