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  • Apple has 'great desktops' on Mac roadmap, CEO Tim Cook says

    volcan said:
    StrangeDays said:

    I've already mentioned it but as a pro software developer I certainly don't need those ports on my portable. My portable needs a good keyboard, a good screen, faster storage, and wifi. Tho this design is perfect for my use case, and putting in all those ports, with the sacrifices and tradeoffs any hardware design incurs, would be unfavorable.
    I find it odd that a software developer would depend on a portable device as their main computer. I do software development as well and I use an iMac 5k and a Mac Pro. For me using my MBP is the worst case scenario when I'm on the road and I do need a bag full of dongles because I don't want to leave home without them.
    Myself, and almost every software developer I know uses an MBP as their main computer. Beyond a charger and an lightning cable, what "dongles" does a software developer need? If you do presentations, a video dongle or two. But that's always been the case - not unique to this model of MBP.
  • Boot Camp, Windows driver issue may be damaging new MacBook Pro speakers

    So it seems like Windows lets you turn the volume up enough to blow the speakers. On regular audio equipment this has never been an issue, but computers traditionally never allowed the amplifier to run hard enough to do this. Given the speakers are integrated into the machine, this seems like a hardware design flaw. The amp should be hardware-limited.
  • Apple still working on next-gen external display with integrated graphics card - report

    It hardly makes sense to imagine them selling a 5K Thunderbolt 3 external display with an integrated graphics card without offering one without the graphics card. Mainly due to the Mac Pro, not to mention the iMac 5K, and the coming Thunderbolt 3 versions of each.

    So I would look for a Thunderbolt 3 "Retina" 5K Display with an optional integrated graphics card for use with MacBook Pros and iPad Pros.

    Agreed. While it would make sense that you could purchase without the graphics card, if they slotted it, you could buy it without, and those who bought it with a graphics card, could even upgrade it later. Sadly, Apple doesn't really do upgradeable these days.