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  • Here's what Apple's new U1 chip in the iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro does

    My only issue during the keynote when demonstrating "Quick Take" the person was holding the iPhone vertically. WTF Apple, are you Samsung or Google? Turn iPhone to landscape for video!!!!!!
    I find it strange that they introduced the new feature as Quick Take. Did they forget that Apple already had a product called QuickTake from 1994?
  • Chrome causing Final Cut Pro X to slow down, freeze, and crash

    macplusplus said:

    If your server side is well built you don’t even need Javascript. I know sites which register transactions without using a single line of JS code.
    it is difficult to do AJAX remote SQL queries without Javascript. Having to refresh the entire page is way old school. I just don't like the canned JS frameworks because they have purposely obfuscated everything. For many years I always wrote my own JS from scratch but the times they are a changing and to remain relevant you need stay up to speed with coding  trends which means frameworks. Loading lots of remote libraries is a pain in the ass when you only need one particular function.
  • Chrome causing Final Cut Pro X to slow down, freeze, and crash

    macxpress said:
    Why people would want to use Chrome is beyond me...Safari is pretty damn good as it is.
    Safari works well but many web developers use proprietary google javascript. Many times I have experienced the situation where safari just doesn't work. Often it is regards to important sites such as hospital appointments, international airline reservations, local government registrations etc. No fault directed at safari just that many IT people are programming specifically targeting chrome for JS interactivity. Let me just say I hate JS even though my main job is working with Node JS.
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    Looks like macOS will still be on Intel for awhile longer. 
  • Kwikset Premis Contemporary HomeKit smart lock now available after CES debut

    $300 USD for a door lock. Can't do it... just can't. That's $404 Canadian.

    I have a traditional mortised in Baldwin lock set. In order to use any of the new HomeKit locks shown, it would mean replacing the door and the jamb. In my case my front door was custom made from Honduran mahogany costing several thousands of dollars. Replacing it is not an option. Until Baldwin comes out with a HomeKit lock that is an exact replacement for their traditional lock set I'll be sticking with what I have.

    If I was building a new house I might consider one of those HomeKit locks.