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  • iPhone XR is topping XS & XS Max in sales, says Apple's Greg Joswiak

    I can't imagine that I'm the only one who still uses an older iPhone. I had the original, then the 3GS, 4, and 5. Now I'm using a 6. It is working fine running iOS 12 although I did have it replaced recently for $29 due to bulging battery. Ever since the subsidies ended I have not upgraded my phone.

    The phones do last a long time in my experience. My last phone, the 5 is still working fine as well, which I handed down to my housekeeper. I don't know but perhaps the 4 I gave to my gardener might be working as well. The 3GS met its fate in the washing machine. Would still turn on but didn't work. My original iPhone I sold after two years when I upgraded.

    At a certain point everyone on the planet who can afford an iPhone will have one and then the only market space will be upgrades or Android switchers. Going forward I can see that it might be a challenge for Apple to continue to exceed their record sales, which is probably one reason they decided to end the unit sales reports.

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch review: Putting Apple's 'pro' claim to the test

    bb-15 said:

    ~$1000 Laptops are commonly used by professionals which can completely do all their job computer tasks.

    I'd argue that laptops (notebooks) are not really professional either unless your job specifically requires mobility. I only use my MBP when on the road. If I am in the office or at home I almost always prefer my iMac or Mac Pro primarily due to the poor ergonomics of both the notebook and the iPad. It is much better when your monitor is at a natural height for viewing without hunching over or tilting your head down putting strain on your neck.
  • How to work with, edit, and share HEIC images without data loss

    emoeller said:
    What a mess!  Why would Apple default to the lossy .jpg format, which slightly degrades the image each time it is saved, when .png would be a better option?  Why isn’t this switch in formats better documented in the menu options?  
    You read it wrong. Apple isn’t defaulting to JPEG, they’re defaulting to HEIC.
    I think the poster was referring to the automatic conversion to JPEG when the image is sent by email.
  • USB-C cable shopping for an iPad or Thunderbolt 3 Mac is still a nightmare for consumers

    RSGinSF said:
    A nightmare is waking up to your house on fire. A nightmare is having a crazy person point a gun at you. A nightmare is a nuclear bomb detonating in the middle of your city. It is NOT having a little bit of trouble buying a computer cable. C'mon, guys/gals.
    Oh jeez! The word nightmare as a figure of speech is very common usage -- meaning a pain in the ass, to use another figure of speech. Your examples are not nightmares if you want to get all technical about it. A nightmare means you would have to be asleep and dreaming about those scary events.
  • Maryland man without backup sues Adobe over Premiere Pro file-eating bug

    wiggin said:
    Let's all pile on and make fun of the poor guy that lost his data. What an idiot.
    Perhaps he is an excellent photographer and videographer but he doesn't know anything about computing. If this guy has all of these high profile clients he should know about off site back up. In fact with clients like he claims, the client should demand a full back up in their own possession in case he gets hit by a bus.

    I my case I have at least five back ups of everything I do for my client.

    Local internal HD at my office
    Two external HDs that belong to my client which we exchange refreshed every month, one at their office and one at my home.
    Time Machine back up at my office
    Another external drive I take with me when I travel and my MBP also has, not all, but a lot of files backed up as well.
    Finally a huge cloud storage account which the client has access to.

    Two copies are absolutely up to the minute, that would be my internal HD and Time Machine while the cloud storage is updated everyday. I haven't lost anything in 25 years of service to my client. A few times I've had to go to the back ups when I accidentally deleted something. Years ago I used a home grown network file server and made CDs for back up, but with all the redundant storage possibilities available today there is simply no excuse not to do it, especially if you are creating files professionally.