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  • Apple & Google accused of supporting 'gender apartheid' by hosting Saudi woman-tracking ap...

    Things are slowly changing for women in Saudi Arabia. Some have been rebelling the clothing restrictions, dancing and making music videos, even risking jail time. It is now legal for women to drive cars. In recent Olympics the women were allowed to wear more professional athletic clothing although for the most part their hair was still covered. They can wear more fashionable clothing at the beach as well. It may take a number of years, but the trend is heading in the direction more freedom for women. Access to the Internet is likely to play a major role in bringing more freedom and awareness for them, at least one can hope.

  • Apple looks to offload property for Stockholm store blocked by popular resistance

    TutTut said:
    There are too many Apple haters in Sweden. Add to those the group of people who don't accept any change at all.
    1800 responses is a rather small number, but the problem is that very few had voiced any opposing view.

    Then, after the September election, the new conservative majority chose to go against Apple.
    Not sure what the issues were but I checked some mobile device stats online and Apple is more than twice as popular as Samsung in Sweden, and as expected both are way above any other manufacturer. Furthermore, I also did a query for images of modern architecture in Stockholm and there are literally dozens of images of super radical architecture in Stockholm. To say it is about Apple haters and people who don't want any modern architecture doesn't seem to jibe with the statistics, but since I don't live there, online statistics is all I have to go on.
  • LG UltraWide 5K2K is a beast of a monitor with Thunderbolt 3

    slurpy said:

    Is $1500 for something that can be used very effectively professionally for work and content creation REALLY considered "having more money than you know what to do with"? 
    $1,500 monitor with a $49 desk from Kmart.

    My desk costs more than my iMac5K. It is adjustable for height with adjustable keyboard as well. It is modular so the computer is in the corner module. I like a viewing distance of around 30". No way with the wimpy desk in the article. My workstation also has two nice side desks 48" x 60" each for papers, phone, etc. Also gives me a place to put down my camera bag when I come in to the office. There is plenty of room for trackpad, printer, headphones, a jar of pens, in-out box, big mousepad, a superdrive, power strip, scanner and a bowl of strawberries. Hell, even the Pantone matching system swatch set that sits on my desk costs more than the desk in the picture. I also have a really professional chair. I can work all day with perfect comfort and convenience.

    So to answer your question, No!
  • Popular iOS apps use Glassbox SDK to record user screens without permission [u]

    This is BS. Aside from the undisclosed privacy concerns, so now I’m paying for the data to send them my screen shots. My LTE data charges are already too high. I don’t need a secret third party stealing my data allocation.
  • OWC ships second-gen ThunderBlade SSD supporting Thunderbolt 3 daisy chains

    On the OWC webpage it says this is compatible with Mac and Windows but the rear view image shows two Thunderbolt ports, that's it. I haven't seen many Windows machines with Thunderbolt capability. I guess Dell makes a couple laptops and one from HP that have Thunderbolt 3. None of them have very good ratings though. I would have thought that they might have included USB-C ports as well. Their OWC SoftRaid software is Mac only. I guess they support Windows Storage Spaces which I have read is pretty reliable and fast.

    Anyway I need to unsubscribe from OWC email spamming. I never signed up for automatic emails although I did buy some stuff from them and provided my email. Some guy named Larry emails me several times per week. It is just easier to delete them than to open it and find the unsubscribe link.