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  • AOC debuts MacBook-compatible 15.6-inch USB-C monitor

    volcan said:
    What would people use this for? Just more space for palettes when using Logic or FCPX?
    Probably the same reason why I'm typing this to you on a second monitor attached to my MacBook Pro. Just more workspace.
    I never was a big fan of an extra monitor to the side, even on a desktop. Bad ergonomics. I like the main workspace directly in front of me at the perfect eye level. Bad ergonomics is something I'm always concerned about when using my MBP on a business trip or vacation. With the laptop just sitting on a table your posture gets all slouched over. Often I go to the hotel or admiral's lounge business centers and plug my Mac into one of the monitors and keyboards there and they usually have better chairs too.
  • Apple makes first payment of $15.3B disputed Irish tax bill to escrow account

    EU scum blackmailing companies for following the letter of the law.
    The real scum are the lawyers, politicians and accountants who think up these devious schemes to facilitate the wealthy avoiding taxes.
  • Intel's first 10nm 'Cannon Lake' processor with 32GB LPDDR4 RAM support ships

    blastdoor said:
    The rationale to stick with Intel in Macs is getting weaker. 
    Probably getting close. Apple's A11 Bionic already has nearly twice as many transistors as the Intel quad core i7. Once they can get an X86 emulator to run Windows with minimal performance hit there should be no reason not to switch to ARM.
  • 'Secure Data Act' would block US from demanding backdoors in Apple's iPhone

    Police, like everyone else, have gotten lazy. If they can’t do an investigation sitting in front of a computer, it’s too much trouble. Good old fashioned shoe leather police work is fading away—too much effort.  
    Oh stop it! Police work today is much more advanced than "shoe leather". For example they recently arrested an alleged serial killer/rapist from a 30 year old cold case in California using a DNA database. With surveillance cameras and social media they have a lot more tools at their disposal than the old fashion Dick Tracy note pad.
  • Apple in conversations with Goldman Sachs to launch Apple Pay branded credit card

    phone-ui-guy said:
    That would avoid dumping the money back to your bank just to spend it somewhere that doesn't take Apply Pay. To me it would complete the new Apple Pay ecosystem for personal payments. For me I would rather they credit it to the card I use to fund Apple purchases. Since that is a Visa Debit card, the money would just land in my account where it belongs.
    You should be careful using your debit card as your default payment method. Debit cards don't have the same fraud protection that credit cards have. Debit cards are for getting cash out of ATMs.

    Google it: fraud protection debit cards vs credit cards