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  • Tim Cook 'feels good' about Apple's Self Service Repair initiative

    ...this from the CEO at the helm of moving so much 'onboard' including T2 storage controllers...?  Really...?
    I understood shareholder activism pushed Apple to this shift...?  How much of this is simply the latest 'spin'...?

    I've upgraded (and downgraded for repurposing) every mac I've ever owned...

    ...perhaps the web too may again be 'for the rest of us':
  • AirPods are no longer cool, claim people who can't afford them

    .... I was never even remotely : ) tempted...

    To me this was part of a post Jobs shift to make hardware an unrepairable consumable, ironically at a time when sustainability would seem a critical priority...

    I still enjoy a pair of Sennheiser dual driver over ear 'cans' with audiophile metrics from the mid 80's and was happy to buy essential consumables such as ear pads and wires until they were discontinued after 35 (vs 5) years, stocking up for the last studio headphones I may ever need...

    My mobile 'buds' are Westone musician grade UM series again wired and still going strong save the essential consumables of physical contact and connection...

    From what I have read Jobs was an erudite audiophile and that zeitgeist was core to the success of the iPod, including the DAC of the iPod 4 which was legendary vs the ear fatiguing shredding of music in other less than lossless formats.

    Cool ?  Is that merit ? Perhaps for many...
  • Shareholder resolution potentially pushed Apple to announce Self Service Repair

    ...I am reminded of the phrase 'we are not evil'... Has it come to the point where customers are now reliant on external pressure to force Apple to make computers 'for the rest of us'...?
  • Apple tightly controlling Apple Wallet digital drivers license feature
  • Snap sued for misrepresenting impact of Apple privacy changes

    ...I ask if Apple is in fact only 'protecting' customers from the competition while collecting vast amounts of the most personal verifiable data (watch, homekit?) from customers via all roads leading to iCloud... CSAM seemed to wake some up at just how vulnerable Apple users may be due to 'trusting' Apple. As Zuboff asks in her Surveillance Capitalism book, is it the tracking or the derivative data that is auction-able, and how effective is anonymizing as a veil...?

    Why does Photos tagging have no off switch? Why was the iMac mic internalized? Why must an Apple Watch sync via iCloud servers when it is adjacent to a mac? ...and on it goes...  Is this desperation and suggest Peak Apple ...?