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  • Apple's Studio Display doesn't shine in the light of competition

    Refurbs start @ $1,359:
  • HomePod software updates brings new features to every model

    mbenz1962 said:
    Apple may have announced the second-generation HomePod today, but there's plenty of new features coming to existing models with software version 16.3 soon.

    The HomePod mini and new HomePod have built-in temperature and humidity sensors that'll be activated by the update. Users with multiple HomePods across their home will be able to see the current temperature and humidity of each room within the Apple Home app.

    Apple has remastered the ambient sounds to be more immersive on HomePod. They're also discoverable when building automations or setting alarms in the Home app.
    It will be nice to have these additional sensors in the Home App. I will have to find a new use for my Eve Room in the Bedroom now. Also, I will likely have to change the room that my Eve Weather shows in in the Home App. I have it outside the Kitchen window and always ask Siri, “What is the temperature in the Kitchen”. With 16.3 there might be some confusion due to my HP mini in the Kitchen.  I’ll just place the Eve Weather in the Garage room in the Home App when this goes live I guess.

    I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to having the ambiance sounds being available for automations.  I have a goodnight scene that plays white noise from the iPad on the night table.  The best I have been able to do is play a playlist from Apple Sleep, but there are gaps and big volume differences between the tracks. The ambient sounds are really well done and offer endless, seamless playback which is ideal for sleeping.
    Is this the new stealth quid pro quo from Apple...?   Always on listening...?  Check your settings for 'Siri - learn from this app'... Even if one turns Siri 'off'...

    I can tell you as a life long audiophile I will stick with analogue tech that focusses on the physics of sound, still works after half a century without a single 'upgrade' and can be repaired by any independent electronic expert...

    ... and in a compact format I recommend the legacy analogue Kloss design by Tivoli Audio ...

    ... and in a portable the Libratone Classic with dual ribbon tweeters for hybrid stereo from a single speaker, and while largely app dependent there is an analogue external input jack, notably and conspicuously absent in (many/most) Apple products - is tethering of listening the 'price' of Apple now ...?

    SpiPod 2.0 ... ?
  • Apple considering 2025 debut of touchscreen MacBook Pro

    danvm said:
    Definitely not needed as it’s a gimmick feature. Had them on work Windows machines and they were an oft forgotten about annoyance. Reaching up to the touch the screen when your hands are on the keyboard is baaad, m’kay?
    IMO, is the same experience when using an iPad with keyboard.  Do you think is a bad experience in the iPad too?
    ... agreed, and such on the iPad along with capacitance or active stylus allows hybrid professional analogue / digital design work that might otherwise be difficult ...

    Hooking up an iPad to a big screen seems a current option, yet has an eye-hand disconnect.  That said I would ask if it should be optional, as not everyone will benefit from such ...
  • Apple sued again over App Store data collection allegations

    ...has this been ongoing since Mr. Cook took over, most obviously (for me) with the Photos app introduced in 2014, auto tagging and 'all roads' leading to iCloud by default...?

    Do many OS changes touted as upgrades also potentially encroach further on user privacy in an opaque quid pro quo ?

    I hope the powers that be drill down as far as possible to the real bottom of this and if warranted go after Apple with everything they can especially for deceptive marketing...  If this misrepresentation is as big as it seems, perhaps those responsible might even enjoy a change of residence in suit(s)...

    Do fines ever really teach such deceptive actors a lesson, or is it deemed cynically merely a cost of doing business...?

  • Apple plans to appeal $8.5 million French fine over data privacy

    "If you’re nerdy enough about your privacy, you can set up a VPN on your iPhone to mask your web traffic. Unfortunately, Mysk researchers found that isn’t going to protect your from Apple. In a test, they discovered that Apple circumvents your device’s VPN to collect data about your activity"