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  • WhatsApp hit with record $267 million fine in Ireland

    Alex_V said:
    Facebook, like Google, is a marketing company. Like Google, they profit from knowing a lot about us. They can paint a pretty detailed picture based on our FB activities, and through cookies they track us on the internet. But they couldn’t know what we did beyond the internet. So they buy WhatsApp. Now they have our phone numbers. Every time we give a company our Tel number, they sell it on to marketing firms, who sell it on to FB. Now they know what we buy in supermarkets, pharmacies, the clubs we join etc. 

    No doubt this is what’s troubling the EU, because FB will be motivated to keep that part of WhatsApp’s role hidden. Google, on the other hand, already have your number if you use Android. 
    Thing is, the EU cartel watchdogs explicitly made it a condition of Facebook's WhatsApp purchase that WA data NOT be shared with Facebook. Everybody knew that it was bullshit, because this was precisely the reason for the acquisition in the first place, but FB signed off on it, and I sincerely hope they get fucked to the full extent of cartel law when they break it. 
  • Thieves use Apple Watch to track & steal $500K in drug runner cash

    williamh said:
    This seems like a good application for AirTags.
    Those start beeping loudly after a day or two to prevent stalking. 
  • M1X Mac mini will be thinner, use iMac's magnetic power connector says leaker

    entropys said:
    And would it not be better if the same brick could’ve been used for all devices regardless of connector?
    That would mean supplying the lowliest machines with a 100W power supply, which makes no sense. MagSafe supplies always came in three different wattages, as well. Annoying, but the better alternative to throwing a power supply in with an Air that does three times the needed wattage. 
  • M1X Mac mini will be thinner, use iMac's magnetic power connector says leaker

    sflocal said:
    rob53 said:
    cpsro said:
    10GbE or it's no dice. Maybe OWC will produce a clip to secure the magsafe connection.
    Aren't the magsafe connectors pretty solid now? The old ones had a breakaway capability so you wouldn't pull the macbook onto the floor but the new design is probably pretty tight. Even you're going to use these in a computer rack, you'd simply roll the cable to a tie-down spot and it won't go anywhere. 

    For your sake, and others, I hope the mini will be powerful enough to justify spending spending lots of money of 10GbE switches and expensive monitors. I still see the mini as an entry level device for people who already have external monitors, keyboards, and mice. The next generation will be better for these same people but other than servers farms I don't really see it being used for high end work even when many people use laptops for high end work (portability reasons). I'm still hoping for either a much lower entry priced Mac Pro or a Mac Pro mini with limited expansion (like only 24 CPU and 96 GPU cores without any possibility of having any future internal expansion--that's for the "full-size" (actually half size) Mac Pro.
    I don't get the fanaticism of 10gb ethernet on what is essentially an entry-level Mac.  What kind of LAN traffic are these users doing, not to mention having to upgrade their switches and ethernet cables.  I get the speed but 10gb/s for LAN for the Mac mini seems to be more a niche thing than providing any real value to the majority of buyers.

    Now, using a Mini in server farms, that's a different story.

    Worst case, buy a Thunderbolt->10gb Ethernet adapter right?  Am I messing something?
    Mac minis are used in all manner of production work, not least because they are easily rack-mounted and the best tool is one that can do what's needed, while the Mac Pro is often total overkill. I can understand the need for 10 Gb Ethernet. 

    I'm pretty sure that there was no need whatsoever to add 10 GbE to the mini after six months other than market pressure from potential buyers who need it. 

    I'd assume that the market that demanded this hasn't changed substantially over the past eight weeks, and that a considerably more powerful mini will be even more squarely in the production environments that benefit from 10 GbE. 

    All speculation at this point, of course. 
  • Apple debuts colorful 24-inch iMac with M1, upgraded camera and audio

    Just because the power supply is magnetic, does not mean it can be easily detached. All I can find on Apple’s page about the new iMac is the power supply is easily attached. Did the keynote say the power supply is mag safe, or to prevent the computer from crashing down? Again the area of the magnet is larger and thus should be harder to detach. There is nothing on Apple’s webpages that there is a battery meant to prevent power loss. They could have enough capacitors to prevent power loss for a brief period. Apple doesn’t detail what the advantage of the magnet attachment is, other than easily attached. The magnet could simply be to ensure proper alignment. 
    This! People seem to be overlooking the fact that magnets differing levels of magnetic force to the extent that they can be impossible to separate by hand. The XDR display uses magnets to hold the display to the stand and you don’t see stories of people or pets accidentally bumping them lose.  People are assuming it will be like MagSafe which was designed to easily detach rather than something more appropriate for a desktop. It’s a totally misguided assumption. Apple can easily design something that offers the same level of secure for as the  previous solution. 
    So then, what is the advantage over the normal plug? Why did it need a redesign? My iMac power cable just stays connected.

    The fact Apple implemented this feature does beg the question of "what problem does this solve?". 
    How deep is the power socket on the back of your iMac?

    The new iMac is just shy of 12 mm thick. 

    I’m sure you can figure out one of the problems.