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  • iPadOS 16 makes significant changes to how an iPad operates, but it isn't enough

    The process of Apple making the iPad a better desktop have been slow and confusing.  For some reason, the have been adding elements like multitasking, and mouse / trackpad support in a limited way.  If a device as the Surface Pro X, with a slower processor, is capable of a full desktop experience, I suppose the iPad, at least could do the same with its more capable specs.  

    After having a Surface Pro 4 and iPad for years, I can say the iPad is a better tablet. But the Surface Pro is a better device when you work with a keyboard + trackpad / mouse. 
  • EA reportedly tried to sell itself to Apple

    Apple should do this. EA is huge with fantastic IPs. 

    That would provide Apple with tremendous leverage in the gaming scene and plug the only hole Macs have. 

    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age
    Need for Speed
    Command and Conquer
    Dead Space
    Numerous Star Wars games

     Etc etc etc

    its a treasure trove. 

    The Bungie acquisition gave Microsoft the must-have it needed back when. 

    This would do that for Apple. 

    Apple Arcade is crap. Sorry. It’s a joke. It’s the same as not even trying. Just a way to get recurring payments from people who don’t buy games much. In the beginning, it was a way to focus on higher quality mobile games. But now it’s just a subscription tier for the same old crap. 

    Apple has the ecosystem, hardware, software, APIs,  and trusted brand to dominate the gaming industry. 

    Focus on M2 Pro based “Apple Arcade” console (or have a new Apple TV+Arcade higher tier device), Mac and iOS and then port the games to third party console and pc a few months later. Create movies and tv series with these IPs and feature them on Apple TV+. It’s a business that wouldn’t be denied. So much potential here. 

    I don't know if I could say that Apple has a ecosystem when they don't even have a controller.   

    Also, I don't think the M2 would do something in the gaming market.  The switch is evidence that you don't need the most powerful device to win in the gaming market.  If Apple decide to enter the gaming market, will it compete with Nintendo or MS / Sony?  

    And here is another issue, upgradability.  Will Apple allow gamers to upgrade their devices?  One of the things PC gamers value is upgradability, and Apple is terrible at this.  

    My point is that acquiring / merging with EA would be one of many things Apple need to do enter the gaming market.  
  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Beats said:
    danvm said:
    genovelle said:
    Beats said:
    Not like MS is a competitor to Apple or anything.

    And MS is right! Let’s also open up all of Microsoft’s stores to 3rd parties! I wanna be able to sell my crappy games on Xbox without giving them money!!

    Microsoft has a monopoly on Windows!! Microsoft, police yourselves!
    Microsoft doesn't put the same controls on Windows that Apple puts on their platforms.

    For one you can install whatever you want on their devices. For another they allow third party payments for when you do use their store.
    Windows is Not a mobile device that stores all your data and can be easily stolen or misplaced. When windows phone existed they had a similar store but it failed miserably and they a jealous now. 
    If MS is jealous of Apple mobile market, I suppose Apple is jealous of MS enterprise market, right?
    They are afraid Apple will finally get serious about enterprise software and compete with Office in a concerted manner. They also see the Mac install base increasing significantly since the pandemic. That means fewer windows licenses. What’s crazy is that if Apple doubled their install base Microsoft would still have 80% of the market, but they are just greedy and want it all. 
    Do you really MS is afraid of Apple enterprise software? Apple has a lot work to do if they want to get close to MS in the enterprise, specially when you consider the ecosystem MS have for enterprises.  

    And yes, Mac installed based grew, but looks like Windows too, considering Windows 10 / 11 are installed in 1.5B devices.  

    What a stupid comment.

    Why the fu** would anyone think Apple is “jealous too” when they aren’t making any ridiculous claims to the government?

    The jealous argument is based on a FACT and not a random fallacy. 
    If you ask me, MS is one of the few companies that has a business reason, considering Apple created rules to block genuine services, as cloud gaming, which includes GamePass.  I don't think is because of jealousy, as you said.

    Since you can speculate about MS being jealous, I could do the same, and say that is a fact that Apple is jealous of MS GamePass and that's the reason they reject it, right?
  • Side-loading is a gold rush for cybercriminals, says Craig Federighi

    netrox said:
    So add side loading, disable by default, give customers the choice.  
    That's not how it works.

    When Facebook and Netflix decide not to do on App Store, what choice do you have? They will force you to pay on the side, not in App Store to get around the 30% fee. 

    I am tired of people thinking that they should have a free choice when it's deigned to protect you from criminals. 

    From what I know, Facebook and Netflix are available in the Play Store even though Android allow sideloading of apps.  Why would it be different with the iOS App Store?  
  • Compared: Microsoft's Surface Pro 8 vs 12.9-inch iPad Pro

    MplsP said:
    The intel processors are such energy hogs compared to the M1 that I have a hard time believing the battery numbers. Of course, if the ipad were 50% thicker like the Surface was that would all be battery so you’d probably get close to a 20 hour life on the iPad. You also wouldn’t be able to keep your coffee hot with it.

    “In Microsoft's favor is, sadly, Windows.” This is the problem. IT doesn’t care that it’s a mediocre device. They care that it’s on the same platform.

    Apple has done an incredible job packing an insane amount of power and potential into the ipad. Now they just need to put their effort into maturing iPadOS so it’s abilities match the power of the device. 
    I don't consider Surface devices as mediocre.  It's obvious that the iPad have many benefits, including the M1 chip.  But the Surface also have benefits over the iPad Pro, including the integration with the MS ecosystem.  Maybe you should blame Apple, and not the IT departments, for the lack of Apple tools for deploying their devices.  Even MS had to work a partnership with Jamf to help deploy Apple devices in their ecosystem.   

    Microsoft Intune and Jamf Pro: Better Together to Manage and Secure Macs - Microsoft Tech Community

    I was expecting something from Apple after acquiring Fleetsmith, but as today, still nothing.