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  • Two new iPads get certification in India ahead of March 25 press event

    Pencil support for the new ipad mini would be great. But not the first gen pencil. That would be going backwards. The 2nd gen Apple pencil is what the first gen should have been. I can’t see Apple continuing to have two apple pencils for much longer. The ipad mini hasnt been updated in nearly 4 years. It would be a bad sign if Apple goes backwards with this update. They dont need a ho hum update. They need to make a statement that the mini is back and better than ever. At least i hope they do.
  • Apple manufacturing partner expecting 'iPad mini 5' orders soon

    Hey, at this point i will take any update to replace my 5 1/2 yr old ipad mini 2! But if i had my wish? I’d love the next ipad mini to have the same flat edged industrial design of the new ipad pros with slimmer bezels, face ID, usb-c and apple pencil 2 support. Maybe even increase the 7.9” screen size to 8.5” but keep the same physical size as the previous ipad minis. Either that or keep the 7.9” screen but make the device smaller with the slimmer bezels. Either way, that would be one sweet update!
  • No, Apple, a slightly bent iPad Pro straight out of the box isn't acceptable

    My 11” ipad pro is the single best Apple product i’ve ever purchased. It was not bent out of the box, and hasn’t bent since. And i travel a lot. I am not worried or bothered at all. The vast majority of people who buy one of the new pros won’t have an issue either. If you are one of the miniscule minority who notices a slight, imperceptible bend out of the box...and it bothers you...just EXCHANGE or RETURN it. You’ve got 14 days. Surely that is enough time. Factory imperfections like dead pixels...or a slight bend are extremely rare. Just send it back and get another. Whats the problem?

    Personally, I am much more concerned about cracking the screen on my new iPad Pro than i am of bending it. 

  • Apple says some 2018 iPad Pro units ship with bent chassis, not considered a defect

    Not an apologist. But my new 11” iPad ain’t bent. I’m happy. It’s in a case, and i’m Not worried about it bending either. If I had bought the 10.5” this summer, which I was about to do, I probably wouldn’t have upgraded a few months later when the new ones came out, regardless of this bending news or not. But i bought one, since I was coming from an iPad mini, and I would buy again regardless as well. I went to the store many times and felt confident thru personal hands on testing that bending wasn’t an issue. I still feel that way. If this cooling news is true, my advice is if you get one, simply return it and try again.

    But I also don’t think anyone who is sitting out this update and waiting for the next one is wrong either. Do what you feel is best for you. I am not trying to convince anyone to buy against their personal feelings. 

    All I can say, without apology or worry is that the 11” iPad Pro is the best iPad i’ve Ever owned. Period. Loving it so far.
  • DJI launches miniature Osmo Pocket camera in time for holidays

    Seems cool. It’s small. Um...but I question it’s purpose. Unlike the new GoPro which has buttery smooth stabilization, it’s not waterproof. So I don’t see action shooters choosing it. And the average person will just use their iPhone.
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