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  • Every iPhone user is tied to Saudi business interests, like it or not

    matthewk said:
    Kuyangkoh said:
    American journalists? I think that is not a correct assumptions. He is not an American and probably hates America. Just my opinion.
    Business is business, Tim have responsibilities to Apple stockholder....
    Based on what? 

    The guy had an American green card, and wrote for the Washington Post. It doesn't get much more "American journalist" than that.
    Green Card? This is inaccurate. 

    Green Card shmeen card! We are talking about a journalist for the Washington Post. He was a resident of the US. His children are US citizens for crying out loud! I know Trump likes to call the Post fake news...but the free press is what sets us apart from places like Saudi Arabia. Did anyone ever think that MBS ordered this hit on Khashoggi cause he felt emboldened by Trumps disdain for the free press, and felt there would be no reprisal? It sickens & saddens me that some people dismiss this murder of a journalist so nonchalantly. Trump will be long gone and our free press will endure. But he is doing serious damage to our institutions world wide by demonizing the free press while praising thugs like Putin, MBS & others. Trump said Putin & MBS “strongly” denied any wrong he instantly believes them. Ugh. Makes me sad for America.
  • Apple repair policy critic vows to fight 'counterfeit' battery seizure by U.S. customs

    Obviously the dude broke some import law. Making this into some kind of Apple led conspiracy is pushing credulity. He’s gonna lose more than his batteries. I think he may have already lost his mind. 
  • How Apple's Aperture created a new class of app on October 19, 2005 and lost it to Adobe L...

    Yeah, I think Apple dropped the ball with Aperture. I hope they pick it up again. I also hope they make a full version for Final Cut for the new iPad pros. Before adobe beats them to it with an iPad version of premiere. They already announced a full version of photoshop for the iPad, so you know it’s coming. Come on Apple. Do it. Do it. Do it.
  • Mac and iPad Pro 'There's more in the making' event page updated with stream info, graphic...

    melgross said:
    Was getting worried there for a while.

    just wondering why 10 am Eastern. That would make Western time 7 am. Pretty early.
    The real question is why the day before Halloween? Who is going to be thinking about iPads then? Everyone will be consumed with getting their costumes and parties planned.
    Yeah, if you’re like 15 years old. I think most adults are totally fine with the date. 
  • Apple issues invites to October 30 iPad Pro and Mac 'There's more in the making' event in ...

    eightzero said:
    welshdog said:
    I'm beginning to think the Mac Mini will be updated when the Mac Pro is updated. Not that they are related necessarily, but it would be an opportunity to reveal a Mini with more "pro" features.

    I've concluded that the iPad mini is at its end of life as well. I don't expect to see an update, putting it in the same category as Apple Airports. I will miss both of these products.

    Pretty sure the XS Max is the replacement for the iPad mini. 

    I've pondered going with a mac mini and separate display instead of replacing my iMac when the time comes. But given how Apple treats the mac mini vs. the iMac, I really am gun shy of that.
    I too think it doesn’t look good for the iPad mini. But I haven’t written it off as dead quite yet. Even if it doesn’t get an update at the October 30th event, I still think there is one more chance. When the regular iPad gets an update again next Spring. If the iPad mini doesn’t get at least an update and pencil support then....then it’s over for sure. Personally I would love to see an 8.5” bezel-less iPad mini with pencil support. But I am not going to wait for that to happen. I will definitely be updating my iPad mini to one of the new pros this month. Can’t wait.