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  • More expensive iPad Pro helps boost Apple Q3 revenues despite lower unit sales

    Apple generally doesn't do loss leader pricing, for good reason. They don't aim for the bottom tier, and barely for the middle tier. 

    If they sold the Pro 9.7 for $500, they may as well drop the Air 2 completely, instead of just dropping the price by $100.
    mike1ration al
  • Hacker who targeted celebrity Apple and Google accounts sentenced six months in prison

    The guy's lucky the judge cut him some slack- six months instead of five years. He should have at least done a year and three years probation.
  • 'iPhone 7' might replace 3.5mm headphone jack with second speaker, analysts say

    pmz said:
    SEngineer said:
    Is that mean we won't be able to recharge iPhone while listening to music? And bluetooth headphones means they need recharging too, its getting harder to listen to music?
    do you seriously listen to music with wired headphones while it is also charging? that is stupidest thing ive ever heard. the phone lasts all fucking day and charges to full in about 40 minutes. you dont need to use it while charging. gtfo. thank god people like you dont run the show. 
    THAT is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why should someone HAVE to stop listening to their music, news, podcasts whatever, they way they want, to charge their phone. What fucking idiocy. That's just dumbass thinking right there. What dumbfck thinks that they way they do something is the way it had to be for everybody else. I hope the fuck you haven't and don't contribute to the gene pool. GTFU.

  • Apple invention uses Apple Watch to auto adjust iPhone alert volume

    dacloo said:
    Hmmm, now we have developed this watch, how could we make it useful for our customers? Hmmmm....
    Or how can we make it even more useful to our customer and less annoying to others around them. Limiting the conditions in which you hear Siri's activation beeps from the phone and her (or his) voice is an example of that.

    I prefer to let the Watch alert me. I keep it silent and because of the Taptic engine, have never missed a call. That wasn't the case when I just put the phone on vibrate.
  • Apple Pay in-app transactions rapidly expanding beyond NFC payment terminals

    I use my Watch for ApplePay all the time, and recently used it on my iPad for a transaction at B&H Photo. I normally don't use the app, but on this occasion I did and was surprised to see the P option at the bottom of my transaction.

    This is really handy, as not only does the merchant never see my credit info, but I don't have to fill out any of the info that's normally populated when I sign it. Checkout is a breeze.