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  • 'iPhone 7' to return to flat back without visible antenna bands - report

    Mr_Grey said:
    I covered my 5S. Why wouldn't a person do this if they've ever dropped anything they have to carry? Think of it as potentially losing $700 every time you drop it.
     The majority of phone dropping happens when drunk and between the ages of 20 and 30.  

    I think you're just making that up.
  • Hermes Apple Watch edition hits online store on Friday

    thrang said:
    Thanks - I wouldn't mind but my wife is in the fashion industry so knock offs don't cut it...
    It's rare that I see a knock-off that is "good-enough" let alone as good as what it's copying. I've tried several bands from Amazon, and most have gone back except were Amazon wanted to charge me shipping.

    The leather bands are barely OK for occasional use, but if that's fine with the buyer, it's ok with me. But there is a big difference in quality between Apple, Pen and Quill, and other established sellers, and just about every bargain Amazon product. I don't even have to see the bands side by side to see the obvious differences in quality. The various metal bands are worse.  But if the buyer is fine with their bang for the buck, who am I to complain. 

    The same thing goes for those who are willing to spend more to get more. The "ROI", their enjoyment of their purchase is just as valid as that of the person who likes Amazon bargains. Life is too short to worry about how somebody else chooses to spend their money.
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  • Otterbox debuts $130 Defender case for iPad Pro, new Air 2 and Mini 4 cases

    Otterbox cases are likely no better or worse than any others but I don't get why anyone would use cases like this in the first place. 

    IMO it's a special kind of fool who purchases the latest thin, lightweight, mobile device and then wraps it in an unnecessary bulky case that makes it less thin, less lightweight and less mobile.  It's the equivalent to buying a Ferrari and wrapping the outside in cardboard so it doesn't get dinged and the seats in scratchy old canvas so the leather doesn't get stained.  The car will indeed remain pristine underneath, but it will look like garbage and be uncomfortable to drive the entire time. 
    Point of fact, Otterbox cases certainly are better than some and worse than others, particularly depending on the application. Like any case, they have pros and cons depending on the user and application.

    Regarding a special kind of fool, what type of person would assume mobile devices are purchased solely because they're thin and lightweight. He might qualify as a SKF. If someone wants a mobile device with some of the latest high performing tech that supports the iOS platform, they, though no fault of their own end up with the latest thin, lightweight device. So they should change platforms because you're offended by a thin device in a bulky case? SKF mode, noted.

    Someone buying iPads or iPhones because of their Twiggy thinness will likely want a thin case or wrap to offer some grip, if not protection, and not an Otterbox or other heavy duty case.  If you see someone with an iPad or iPhone in such a heavy case, it could just be that they bought the device based on function, not form.