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  • The Mac gaming landscape remains dire, with no improvements in sight

    It's funny that it's Apple problem that the games industry keeps abondoning players/ customers and has created a perception for itself of being buggy and baddy authored to the point people just write off spending over a $100 dollars on a game that is unplayable or double down and upgrade hardware.

    Games don't seem to have really gotten any better than 15years ago yet require top flight hardware. In many cases they got worse (Sim City where for art you)

    Pulled a indy game off steam on the weekend, last played a couple of years ago early-access. Release version so laggy on the same machine as early-access play fine on. drop all the setting to min. Game just couldn't start then. 3 Crashs then uninstalled again. 

  • Google is violating Apple's iPhone app privacy rules the same way Facebook did [u: disable...

    clarker99 said:
    Rene Ritchie posed the question ‘should Apple abanadon Google (as default search engine)?’ Billions of dollars of ‘services’ revenue be damned. Google/Facebook are a disgrace. 
    It's interesting DuckDuckGo now has maps powered by AppleMaps. Would be good to see partnership extend.
  • Facebook issues memo on Apple Enterprise Certificate fiasco as employees vent frustration

    colinng said:
    That’s funny. I thought Apple only revoked the certificates used for their VPN App - not all their certificates including ones they use for internal Apps.
    I think this time they used their internal Enterprise certificate, and paid customers to install apps using that certificate. So Apple enforced its agreement. 
    Given in the scale of things enterprise accounts are dirt cheap why didn't each division have their own account and certificate?
    Would have insulated them from another department going rouge.
  • Apple's COO delivers blistering testimony on Qualcomm's 'onerous demands' over cellular pa...

    sflocal said:
    That's pretty ballsy of Qualcomm.  If I buy a chip from QC, that's it.  They got their money.  For them to demand (and expect) a 5% "royalty" based on the price of my product, especially if their chip only constitutes a small percentage of the entire device is worthy of an episode in "Narcos".  

    So if I put that chip in a piece-of-s**t $50 plastic Android phone, they get $2.50 and if I put that same chip in a $1,500 iPhone that's actually built well and performs better, and those improvements have absolutely nothing to do with Qualcomm, they expect $75?  F**k that!!

    Qualcomm's dirty laundry is coming out in baskets.  With all this negative news coming out about Qualcomm and their gestapo tactics, they will be begging Apple to quickly settle and save face.  I'm glad that Apple is taking this standing up and teaching a lesson to Qualcomm.  I hope Mollenkopf gets fired, no golden parachute, and ends up mopping floors.  He's everything that's wrong in the industry.
    This is why we haven't seen Celluar modems in Laptops. $50 USB dongle $2.50 royalty same function embedded $75+ to QC. 
  • Rumor: Apple developing seventh-generation iPod touch, mulling USB-C for next iPhone

    RSGinSF said:
    I would buy an upgraded 1TB A10-ish iPod in a flash. But then I might forego an upgraded iPad Mini.

    Suppose I should wait to see what actually materializes.
    I do believe it would have to ba at least an A11 with the Apple GPU given they said they would be out of all imagination technologies powerVR gpu in 18months to 2years in April 2017.