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  • Apple Watch SE may switch to an all-plastic chassis to lower costs

    nubus said:

    If true, this report would see the entire chassis of the Apple Watch SE changed -- making the device less environmentally friendly.

    The nylon material might be 100% recycled but product durability and lifetime are likely to be severely affected. Apple already did a "eco-friendly" plastic product: FineWoven. It was penny-pinching mixed with greenwashing in a product without durability.

    Any review of Watch SE 3rd should remember what Apple did to 1st gen. End-of-sale in 2022, last OS upgrade in 2023. With iPhone SE it was 3 years and XR is receiving 4 years and counting of full upgrades after end-of-sale. Apple has yet to deliver that kind of value in a Watch SE. Taking the path of FineWoven is not going to help.
    There are options out there for plant derived plastics, or ocean recovery plastics. So plastic does have to mean a backward step environmentally but yes durability will be the question.  

    There is a corn husks plastic that produces Lignin as a by product which is then useful for emergent batteries. The watch SE could make a small scale (by Apples standards) test product for both “waste”cycle plastics and lithium free batteries 
  • M4 MacBook Pro upgrade could arrive by end of 2024

    davidk said:
    Afarstar said:
    davidk said:
    Not sure about the MacBook Pro, but I have this from an inside source:
    The new iMac M4 is coming, with a new color scheme. Leaked photo:


    (That was a joke.)
    Shame they could do wood grain lots of companies do timber printing on Aluminium these days. 
  • Tim Cook may have met with Trump during WWDC to discuss second term priorities

    They must have worked very hard to find the one picture where Tim doesn't look good and Mango Mussolini looks almost human.
    They've cut off the place card but isn't this the Tim Apple photo?
    Doesn't seem like they had to work hard at all.

    Trump winning its a given at this point.

    The world needs it.
    The world needs a felon with 34 criminal convictions who is incapable of stringing two sentences together in charge of the US? I don't think so.
    Hopefully, the Judge can string 34 sentences together. That would help the world.

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  • Apple Vision Pro will get a polish, not an overhaul at WWDC

    Yes but if Apple takes the iOS shackles off iPad OS that will benefit Vision
  • iOS 18 to debut Apple Passwords app

    welshdog said:
    I don't want passwords and other data in the cloud - even with Apple's better security implementations. I'm using Enpass now in strictly local mode with WiFi sync to devices only when I turn it on. I also don't put critical passwords on the phones or other mobile devices. They remain in a separate "vault" that is only on my laptop, which never leaves the house. Everyone does online banking now and most of us have logins for things like credit cards, social security, medical etc. and just doesn't make sense to me that those logins should ever be on someone elses servers.
    Agree to me banking is the password I’ve committed to remember, password service can deal with mostly everything else.