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  • Apple's COO delivers blistering testimony on Qualcomm's 'onerous demands' over cellular pa...

    sflocal said:
    That's pretty ballsy of Qualcomm.  If I buy a chip from QC, that's it.  They got their money.  For them to demand (and expect) a 5% "royalty" based on the price of my product, especially if their chip only constitutes a small percentage of the entire device is worthy of an episode in "Narcos".  

    So if I put that chip in a piece-of-s**t $50 plastic Android phone, they get $2.50 and if I put that same chip in a $1,500 iPhone that's actually built well and performs better, and those improvements have absolutely nothing to do with Qualcomm, they expect $75?  F**k that!!

    Qualcomm's dirty laundry is coming out in baskets.  With all this negative news coming out about Qualcomm and their gestapo tactics, they will be begging Apple to quickly settle and save face.  I'm glad that Apple is taking this standing up and teaching a lesson to Qualcomm.  I hope Mollenkopf gets fired, no golden parachute, and ends up mopping floors.  He's everything that's wrong in the industry.
    This is why we haven't seen Celluar modems in Laptops. $50 USB dongle $2.50 royalty same function embedded $75+ to QC. 
  • Patent holding firm picks up Sony & Nokia IP, files suit against Apple

    "Thus, such a fear that persons in the surroundings may be troubled by the continuous ringing of the alert sound can be remarkably reduced. Further, since the situation that a power supply is cut off forcibly during all origination can be avoided, the fear that a person on the call origination side may be given an unpleasant feeling can be eliminated."

    It's literately a patent on avoid hurt feelings. Where were the political correctness gone mad people when this was issued?
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  • Cook justifies Apple's advertising on X as a 'town square' for the Internet

    It IS the town square for the internet. 

    Strange article. 

    Cook doesn’t have to “justify” being on social media. It’s good business. 

    The only thing he really needs to rethink is investing so heavily in the human rights violation that is the Chinese government. 
    Nope, it is not. It's a mall at best. If you want to use an Architectural analog. 

    A town square is owned by the town there may be public and commercial buildings surrounding it, residential apartments and offices looking over it that can yell out the window if they like but the space in the middle is free and only bound by the rules of common decency. 

    If there is a town square then its cobblestones are open protocols like SubPub. 

    But yes why would Apple not advertise in a very large mall.  
  • Google is violating Apple's iPhone app privacy rules the same way Facebook did [u: disable...

    clarker99 said:
    Rene Ritchie posed the question ‘should Apple abanadon Google (as default search engine)?’ Billions of dollars of ‘services’ revenue be damned. Google/Facebook are a disgrace. 
    It's interesting DuckDuckGo now has maps powered by AppleMaps. Would be good to see partnership extend.
  • Apple says no customer information involved in hack by Australian teen

    Story icon shows New Zealand flag but teen is Australian. 
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  • OpenGL, OpenCL deprecated in favor of Metal 2 in macOS 10.14 Mojave

    rcfa said:
    As much as performance is great, part of the appeal of the Mac was superior compliance with open industry standards.

    Looks like Apple feels iOS’ market penetration gives it enough clout to start acting like M$ and simply become ever more proprietary. Sad.

    Apple could have either worked within standards bodies to move OpenGL/OpenCL towards Metal, create an OpenGL/OpenCL API on top of Metal, or opened up Metal like they opened up Swift for industry-wide adoption.
    Metal and Vulkan both branched from the same AMD mantle project, Metal was slightly earlier than Vulkan. The standards bodies set rules that stopped advantageous parts of metal has being rolled in to the standard. In effect killing Vulkan by committee. Well at least as I understand it not being there and all.
  • Australia fines Apple $6.7 million over misleading 'Error 53' repair practices

    netrox said:
    Wait a minute, Apple is being fined because someone had their phone repaired outside of authorized dealership?!?! What kind of stupid decision is that?
    'stralia.... It is right to repair to the extreme, I guess. Basically, no matter what a shitty job a repairman did, your product must work, which makes zero sense when data security concerns are brought in.
    The phones were working normally after the repair they were bricked by an update down the track then Apple said nothing we can do.
    Would you as a reasonable person find that reasonable?
    muthuk_vanalingamavon b7dagaz[Deleted User]plothh2p
  • Tim Cook may have met with Trump during WWDC to discuss second term priorities

    They must have worked very hard to find the one picture where Tim doesn't look good and Mango Mussolini looks almost human.
    They've cut off the place card but isn't this the Tim Apple photo?
    Doesn't seem like they had to work hard at all.

    Trump winning its a given at this point.

    The world needs it.
    The world needs a felon with 34 criminal convictions who is incapable of stringing two sentences together in charge of the US? I don't think so.
    Hopefully, the Judge can string 34 sentences together. That would help the world.

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  • Apple apologizes for iPad Pro 'Crush' ad after massive backlash

    I fixed the ad for them

    While I'm still baffled by the outage, but this is seriously so much better. 
  • New FineWoven cases are here to protect your iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro

    Yet you can't buy an Apple Watch without a band at all. Given the choice of 3rd party options.