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  • Promise debuts first internal hard drive sleds for new Mac Pro

    sflocal said:
    May as well charge $1,000. Get into the swing of things.
    Another ignorant post.

    Configure another workstation with exactly the same hardware and and specs.  Come back when reality hits you in the head.
    Why is it so upsetting when people express how much they do or do not want Apple products? Literally nothing Apple makes is necessary in living a long, healthy life. Therefore if someone wants to spend thousands of dollars buying whatever they want, what is the problem? If it was your money and you were paying the bills then and only then would you have a say.
  • Beyonce's 'Lemonade' album hits Apple Music, moves out of Tidal exclusivity

    gutengel said:
    What a joke, how old is this album anyways?
    What a joke, how old were those Beatles albums when they started streaming?
  • Apple, Oprah Winfrey sign multi-year deal for TV programming

    Appleish said:
    I remember when a friend of mine almost got divorced because of her show. He would get home after work and his wife would tell him all the things he was doing wrong because he heard it on "Oprah." This was in the early years of her show when it had more of a near-Jerry Springer type format. Years later, she softened up the format and started attracting stars.

    She's not a bad person, but she sure started as one. Not interested in her programing.
    Sure you are. You need something to criticize. :-) It's funny you compare and contrast Jerry Springer with Oprah Winfrey. Early Jerry used to be more like later Oprah. And then they dramatically swapped audiences.
  • iPhone 3GS returns to life with South Korean carrier

    ajl said:
    Old parents will be able to have an iPhone for as much as 40 bucks. I think this is a wise move, instead of throwing all those phones away.
    How old is "old"? Sometimes I see folks here and elsewhere referring to 50-year-old people as "old" and in need of large-button phones, who don't use any data and sit in rocking chairs all day reminiscing about the old days when the whole family used one landline. People older than that built spaceships, went to the Moon, invented your very Internet. "Old" people don't need old phones, just like you don't.
  • iPhone 3GS returns to life with South Korean carrier

    "Because the 3GS is unable to run anything later than iOS 6, many modern apps and features are inaccessible."

    ...and it will run many great apps that were orphaned due to various reasons including for one high end app I bought that I was told faced too much cost of ongoing iOS compatibility development... :)

    On some of my older iOS devices that have the App Store, when trying to install a more modern app that existed for the older device, the App Store prompts you to download the older, compatible version ... but only if it was already associated with your Apple ID back then. So, if you are just now downloading Pandora for the first time, you can't download the old compatible version.