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  • Man who claims to be Bitcoin creator eyes lawsuit against Apple

    English courts decreed several months ago that it is completely valid to call him a fraud and there is no basis for his claims. To go up against Apple's legal team given the endless amount of information proving he is a fraud would be comical.
  • 2021 Apple TV 4K versus 2017 Apple TV 4K - Who should buy the new model, and who should no...

    "also supports unquestionably excellent audio" -- Not the case. AppleTV forces decode of Atmos inside the AppleTV into PCM (raw audio bytes without metadata). This means Atmos 3D position metadata is completely lost. AppleTV does not support true passthrough, so there is no way to preserve Atmos metadata.

    It is always possible the new AppleTV could fix this or take advantage of eARC to partially fix it in specific scenarios, but there is as yet no evidence of any fix for this forthcoming. Because of this, Apple is really at the bottom of the barrel in terms of sound quality as it can't handle proper Atmos unlike every other major media player.
  • HomeTags make it even easier to control your HomeKit devices via NFC

    My experience with NFC tags has been poor on an iPhone XS Max and now iPhone 11 Pro. I often have to scrape my phone against the tag 4 or 5 times wondering why it isn't executing. I have to assume they are intended to work better than this. Maybe some tags are better than others.
  • Apple staring down possibility of new per-employee tax in Cupertino

    How do such mentally challenged people ever get elected.... it's infuriating the ignorance. Cupertino is nothing without Apple.
  • Developers Union urges Apple to allow free app trials, make it easier to earn a living

    If someone was going to do this, they should first familiarize themselves with the App Store. It already has free trials. The app is free, and then you start a free trial. That mechanism is available to all apps as of mid-2017. These morons are living in the dark ages.

    The main problem, if they had been smart enough to highlight it, is that Apple always features the same apps. PCalc, and 50 other apps are basically on rotation. Mostly games. If you are not in the top 100 apps, you will never be featured. I've made a living off the App Store with multiple employees for 7 years and still never been featured one time because it's just an app that is a little more involved than PCalc. Look at the nonsense Apple gives awards to every year. Useful apps people really get things done in are rarely given any credit or featured, but if your app just draws a more beautiful circle, you're the new black. So the top 100 thrive and everyone else does not. Start a petition around broader features and broader categorization. Don't form a fricken union, that's a stupid politically charged concept dooming this whole thing.