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  • Man who claims to be Bitcoin creator eyes lawsuit against Apple

    English courts decreed several months ago that it is completely valid to call him a fraud and there is no basis for his claims. To go up against Apple's legal team given the endless amount of information proving he is a fraud would be comical.
  • 2021 Apple TV 4K versus 2017 Apple TV 4K - Who should buy the new model, and who should no...

    "also supports unquestionably excellent audio" -- Not the case. AppleTV forces decode of Atmos inside the AppleTV into PCM (raw audio bytes without metadata). This means Atmos 3D position metadata is completely lost. AppleTV does not support true passthrough, so there is no way to preserve Atmos metadata.

    It is always possible the new AppleTV could fix this or take advantage of eARC to partially fix it in specific scenarios, but there is as yet no evidence of any fix for this forthcoming. Because of this, Apple is really at the bottom of the barrel in terms of sound quality as it can't handle proper Atmos unlike every other major media player.
  • Apple exterminates USB-C troubleshooting port on Apple TV 4K, adds Gigabit Ethernet

    Dolby Atmos not supported.
  • Review: Kwikset Premis HomeKit lock chews through batteries, disappoints

    YMMV I switched to Kwikset Premis a month or so ago from Schlage Sense because the Schlage Sense ate at least 5 sets of batteries in a month. By the end after Schlage replaced it with a new unit to try to correct the issue, the new one ate battery sets in < 2 days.

    Needless to say, I'm on battery set 1 with Premis still, and the battery readout says 85% so I'm not concerned.

    I can't surmise what caused the reviewer's issue, but I would say my overall experience (even excluding battery) was significantly better with Premis than Sense. That may be influenced as well by the fact every other lock in my house is Kwikset so it was nice to have an easily keyed lock to everything else, and it matches perfectly. I strongly recommend Premis at 4 stars and Sense at 2 stars due to the same battery issue. But even without that, the Sense would have been 3 stars.
  • Some users finding AirPods drop phone call audio when paired with iPhone 6s

    This has nothing to do with Airpods. I have the exact same issue with both Airpods and Beats Solo 3. Both of them disconnect from calls, music, whatever they're playing. Usually a couple times an hour. Then reconnect after 10 seconds or so. Amazing how these issues go unreported for months despite that they're obviously very widespread.