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  • Apple TV+ predicted to hit 12M subscriptions in 2020, 21M by 2021

    And how are they arriving at these figures besides just pulling them out of their rear end? Considering Apple will only have original programming it will have to be pretty damn compelling to get people to sign up when so many other offerings are out there. Netflix is in a world of hurt because of the stuff being removed from their platform.
  • Apple Card is now accepting applications in the United States

    I have have a feeling Apple/GS will be supporting apps like Mint/Quicken very soon. Better yet I’d love it if the wallet app allowed you to bring in other financial data so you could use it to track all your finances. I use Mint. It’s OK but I’m sure Apple could do just as good if not better.
  • Apple Card is now accepting applications in the United States

    Got mine approved in like 10 seconds. And it automatically changed my iTunes/App Store billing to Apple Card. The UX with this is really nice. 
  • Ex-Apple Siri chief Bill Stasior now a Microsoft vice president of technology

    ElCapitan said:
    What a fall!
    Working for the most valuable company in the world is a fall?
  • Titanium and ceramic Apple Watch variants spotted in watchOS 6 beta

    kkqd1337 said:
    kkqd1337 said:

    kkqd1337 said:
    Paying extra for these watches with better materials is a really poor investment. 

    tbh I can’t tell the difference between them, and no one cares either. You want a quality watch get a patek philippe.

    i’ve said It over and over, they need to make the watch thinner. Most comments I get when I wear mine is that it looks chunky. 
    Who says it’s an investment? It’s part tool, part jewelry. To me aluminum looks junky compared to steel. 

    Can’t imagine being told it’s chunky, as it’s thinner than the popular men’s watch fashion of having fat watches.
    Yeah people often comment how bulky it looks compared to how phones seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. That’s I guess what they compare it too. Phones are obviously a similar thickness, but not worn on your wrist, so different level of expectation there..

    to put it simply. Any premium material should be offering more than a cosmetic/robustness benefit 
    Huh? Not following you there....what should the material do in addition to a robustness or cosmetic benefit, of which the non-Sport models indeed do? Steel, ceramic, and titanium all wear better than aluminum (and the ceramic and titanium better than steel), and also have cosmetic value. 
    Ok, so a premium material should allow a more premium design; with some sort of functional and tangible benefit.

    For example: 

    I own a Aluminium Watch 4. The steel version is identical. Both are 10.7mm thick; its bulky and ugly. It’s the Achilles heel of the Apple Watch design. 

    If Apple are proposing a titanium or ceramic version at a premium price point I would expect that it’s main design flaw would be improved. To my eye, a 7mm watch would deserve a premium price point.
     And what do you expect the battery life to be like on a 7mm thick device?