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  • Ex-Apple Siri chief Bill Stasior now a Microsoft vice president of technology

    ElCapitan said:
    What a fall!
    Working for the most valuable company in the world is a fall?
  • 'iPhone 11,' 'iPhone 11 Pro,' and 'iPhone 11 Pro Max' coming in fall, says sketchy report

    iPhone 11 Pro Max? Only Phil Schiller could come up with a silly name like that.
  • Smart speaker market growing steadily but dominated by sub-$50 models

    cornchip said:
    gatorguy said:
    There's no evidence that Apple ever intended to compete in this market so I find these articles ridiculous.
    So you think this is one of those one-off "fun" projects that was never intended on its own to be a competitive success? Serious question. You wouldn't be the first person to hold that opinion, tho Apple did go to a lot of effort in initially promoting it. 

    Just guessing, but I think he might have meant Apple never intended to compete in the $50 end of the connected speaker market. I would agree. Just like Apple never intended to compete in the low-end computer, phone, tablet, ("smart") watch markets. While iPods did get fairly affordable over time, they were still more expensive than most competitors that arrived. As we all know, Apple mostly doesn't give a rip about market share but revenue per unit. Can they sell enough to recoup the cost of investment (including man hours) and then enough to invest in the next gen/variants? Then great. If not, it'll get axed.

    I have a feeling HP will slowly to catch on. I know I'm chomping at the bit for a couple, but financially, I'm a couple years out. And that's fine with me, I'd rather pay a fair price for something high-quality than fifty bucks for a piece of junk. But that's just me.

    PS I can totally see Apple going the iPhone route and continue selling the previous model when the new gen comes out. Boom there's your lower cost option.
    This is complete bullshit. Of course Apple cares about market share. You don’t have an ecosystem and can’t sell services on top of it if you don’t have market share. Apple sells millions of Macs, iPads and Apple Watches each quarter. Are you telling me the wouldn’t love it if they were selling millions of HomePods too? Tim Cook doesn’t even mention it on earnings calls. I think it’s pretty clear the product is a failure. Mostly because Apple went after what people weren’t asking for. People that want a smart speaker care about price more than audio quality and people who care about audio quality have something better than HomePod. If Apple really is focused on sound quality and not voice then why not make a really great sound bar or home theater system? I would never replace my sound bar with a HomePod but if Apple made a superior sound bar I just might.
  • Editorial: As Apple plays the telephone game, analysts hear something else entirely

    Apple is a high volume innovator in and beyond phones. Google and Microsoft are not.

    Huh?? This statement makes no sense. And comparing these three companies is stupid anyway. Apple primarily sells consumer hardware and services that can be used with that hardware. Google and Microsoft’s primary business models are not that at all. 
  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    This article is pure hyperbole. It was a good quarter in spite of iPhone which is now less than 50% of Apple’s quarterly revenues. Sure Wall Street loves services revenue but would anybody here really call services a great product from Apple? Tim gave no color or numbers on Apple News+ which leads one to believe it’s not doing that great. I’m not surprised. The News app isn’t that great and bolting on magazines and a few newspapers for $10/mo didn’t make it better. Honestly I think the only place where people need to eat crow is with the Watch which has become a big hit. 75% of sales this quarter were to new Watch owners. That’s fantastic.

    if you want good analysis of the quarter is a good resource.