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  • Apple bows to authoritarian regimes, claims activist group

    About ten years ago, I worked for a company making a children's atlas app. I naively thought that it wouldn't be a particularly controversial product but it got removed from various local app stores several times due to what it did or didn't include.

    We had to make some significant changes for the Chinese market in particular. None of this is new.
  • The Elon Musk and Twitter deal is in danger, again

    I wouldn't trust a word this clown says. He said take his mid-life crisis private rather than Twitter.
  • Russia regulator demands answers for VK removal from the App Store

    I find it interesting that these apps have been removed due to UK sanctions. Imagine being outfoxed by this British government. What an embarrassing situation for Russia.
  • Transcend JetDrive Lite review: An easy way to add local storage to the MacBook Pro

    omasou said:

    Pros are not using HDMI let alone HDMI @ 60Hz. Therefore the HDMI port is a business user use case for those that refuses to spend $1K+ to buy a monitor or two.
    You’re missing the point of HDMI. It’s not for when you’re sitting at your desk doing work, it’s for when you’re on the move and need to show work to others.

    The meeting rooms in our office have every dongle imaginable. Our clients’ offices rarely do. HDMI is ubiquitous.
  • Simply Mac bankruptcy: Who to call, what happened, and why

    darkvader said:

    Apple does not care AT ALL.

    They're trying to make it impossible to operate as an authorized reseller or repair provider.  The only way to survive long term at this point is to go unauthorized.  The Apple store repair price including labor is typically identical to the part cost for authorized repair providers.  For dealers, the margin on a lower end Mac can be under the credit card percentage.  Warranty repair rates have been cut.

    You have to drive farther to an Apple store?  Not their problem.  You can always mail it in.  Data preservation?  You should have had a backup.  Weeks without a computer while it's shipped off to Pegatron?  You're too poor to have a spare?  Not their problem.
    I had a problem with my Apple Studio Display recently and Apple insisted that I take it to a store to get repaired. No mail-in option was given. When I asked what would happen if I lived somewhere remote, I was assured that Apple had a large network of authorised service centres. I was also directed to a third-party store when I had a problem with my MacBook Pro and the London Regent Street store was closed for renovation.

    It's bizarre that Apple treats these businesses so poorly when it still relies on them.