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  • Apple's $62.9 billion stock buyback program called a bad investment in new report

    Yet another perspective. If Apple really believed their stock price would drop so much they obviously would have waited. So, my take is that Apple knows something about the performance of their company that the pundits, short-sellers and pre-programmed computer algorithms do not: i.e; they actually project that this will be a ggod quarter, and they bought back the stock at values commensurate withat projected performance. They, like everyone else, got slammed by the dumb set of policies from our White House that sent everyone into a fenzued panic. Trade wars, government shutdowns, ludicrous attacks on the Federal Reserve (all happening at once) caught everyone (even Trump) by surprise. So, if you are an investor, buckle up and wait.  I believe it is going to be a fabulous quarter. Of course, sharing a bit of the dividend savings with loyal investors would be nice as well.  Even a special one-time dividend of $10 per share for all loyal shareholders who rode out the storm, would be nice as well.  Let’s say all shareholders of record on Christmas day.
  • Apple expands iPhone XS and XR trade-in program countries around the world

    Great comments. I totally agree. I just upgraded from the X to the XSMax.  Since i am on the Apple upgrade program, my total monthly charge (interest free) is only $4 more per month. I loved the X, and now I love the XS Max, which has the same wonderful performance introduced with the X, especially Face ID, but it is faster and I now get incremetal screen size without the bulk of the previous Max versions.  If anyone out there seriously believes that there is no short selling manipulation going on, sell your stock and hide.  Half of the drop is from highly speculative reports that predict the demise of Apple and the demise of the iPhone, and the other half is for the reasons bells said: trade wars, governemnt shutdowns, etc.  Also folks, follow the Buffet strategy: invest long and invest in the company, not the stock.  This is one great company that everyone loves to hate.  But they have great products, great customer care and are not motivated by commercialization and ads.  Do they get it right all the time? No.  They have faltered quite a bit on setting up a viable subscription service (thanks to Eddie Cue’s ineptness), but are turning that around.  I just wish they would leverage all their cash to compete more effectively with companies that have less cash resources (netflix, spotify, Amazon) and build a comprehensive suscription services that charges one monthly fee for books, movies, TV shows, and Music.  Just do it Apple. you can certainly afford it, even it means a bit of subsidizing. I say that as a shareholder who would prefer more competeiveness in the media area and a bit less stock buybacks.