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  • Editorial: At WWDC19, Apple charts the future of private, premium tech - alone

    As usual, a great piece by DED. Articles such as this are so much more rewarding than the volumes of gibberish and speculations spewed out by stringers and pundits who really have no idea what they are talking about.
  • Why Apple's HomePod targets home entertainment, not a voice-first mobile-free world

    Great article. I got the Home pod day one. While Apple still needs to fix some Siri related issues, the point that so many “hostile” bloggers miss is that the Home Pod is not an Amazon or Google competitor. And if one wants a more versatile Siri device which works flawlessly with face ID, get the iPhone X. The Home Pod is, first and foremost, a music device that is compact, astoundingly engineered and wonderful to listen to. It is, by far, way above the competition. That is what Apple set out to do, and it did. If people want a simple voice assistant like the Echo, they should get one. But, if people want a great music sustem with many Sir features already built in, get the Home Pod. i am sure Apple will add more Siri functionality over time, but right now I am listening to Apple music in my living room, and it is a wonderful experience. Just like the new phone, the airpods and now the HomePod, Apple has hit a home run.
  • Apple's $62.9 billion stock buyback program called a bad investment in new report

    Yet another perspective. If Apple really believed their stock price would drop so much they obviously would have waited. So, my take is that Apple knows something about the performance of their company that the pundits, short-sellers and pre-programmed computer algorithms do not: i.e; they actually project that this will be a ggod quarter, and they bought back the stock at values commensurate withat projected performance. They, like everyone else, got slammed by the dumb set of policies from our White House that sent everyone into a fenzued panic. Trade wars, government shutdowns, ludicrous attacks on the Federal Reserve (all happening at once) caught everyone (even Trump) by surprise. So, if you are an investor, buckle up and wait.  I believe it is going to be a fabulous quarter. Of course, sharing a bit of the dividend savings with loyal investors would be nice as well.  Even a special one-time dividend of $10 per share for all loyal shareholders who rode out the storm, would be nice as well.  Let’s say all shareholders of record on Christmas day.
  • Apple removes Siri team lead as part of AI strategy shift

    Excellent news. 

    Now, Apple, please do the same with whomever is in charge of that unmitigated disaster called iTunes. Thank you. 
    Totally agree. Bye, bye Eddie. You haven’t got a “Cue”.
  • iPhone replacement cycles slowing down to four years, pose threat to services, analyst say...

    Almost of these comments buy to Sacconaghi’s premise to begin with.  He’s been spewing this theory that iphone uogrades are dead.  He then  twists it into the perverse angle that this will mean a slowdown in services revenue.  Big mistake:  yes, the market in cell phones (not just iPhones) is more staurated. But, does anyone truly beelive that people are finished upgrading their phones except every four years.  Not true; people are addicted to the phones and their software. You don have to be a fortune teller to to recognize that 2018 was a very, very bumpy year economically, not just for USA, but the whole world.  That sort of stuff makes people edgy, and nervous financially.  But, if anyone truly believs that people will stop upgrading their phones, they are  dead dead wrong. Even though I am a big Apple user, i recognize addiction when i see it. Just go into any restaurant, subway line or simply stroll down the street.  Everyone is hooked in.  Apple’s approach to the iphone upgrade program is phenomenal and it makes upgrades extreemly affordable.  And the services business, despite what Sacconagh says is only going one way:UP.  Just read Morgan Stanley’s Kate Huberty analysis. Dead on correct.  Remember folks, if we allow the pundits to pontificate and predict Apple’s demise, we are simply falling into the perennial trap. It’s happened before and will continue to happen.  For those still walking around with older iphones, upgrade now and see how much beter the experience is with face ID, faster chips and easier navigation.

    i follow the Buffet philosopy: look at the company, not the stock price.  There is not a single company in the world that would not like to have the finacial and performance fundamentals that Apple has.
  • Chinese iPhone shipments dipped 3.1M in Q4 2018, full year down 2.5M units

    If you do the math, this estimate, if correct, simply supports Tim Cook’s statement when he announced a drop in guidance. He said it was due primarily to China and it looks that’s true. In my opinion, this is not bad news; it means what else he said is also probably true: that other areas are doing extremely well.  And there was a report just yesterday about how well the XR is selling.  How many companies earn $84 billion in one quarter, have enormous cash balances and still prodice some of the most innivative products in the world. As Steve Jobs often said, its not how many we sell, but how good they are.  I believe we will all be surprised when Apple reports next week. Even with a revenue shortfall, its eps is going to be fabulous, and its accomplishments in the wearables and service areas will be fantastic.  

    When it comes to Apple, I’m long, as eevry other wise investor should be.  Or, we could always follow the pundits, take a short term perpective, and gamble away our money in companies that will never even come close on the fundamentals. A respected analyst, Kate Huberty, said it today: buy Apple now, before they reort out next week. Not to sound like a broken record, but i just wish they would finally announce a service bundle for music, tv, movies, books, i Cloud, etc. that will the icing on the cake.
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  • Apple Card users having problems with making payments

    I have not experienced any problems.  It’s a great, easy to use and the service from Goldman has been quite good. I can’t unserstand why AI wastes its time on a small number of tweeter rants.  It’s starting to feel a bit whiny and feeds into the “hate everything Apple” aura.  All i know is that i linked my card directly to my checking account and set up ACH payments automatically at the end of each month  .  Works seamlessly. Try it!
  • Fourth-gen Apple TVs spontaneously awaken, power on their HDTVs, users complain

    This worked for me. Set the trackpad on Apple TV to "slow". Once I did this, the problem disappeared