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  • Apple Card users having problems with making payments

    I have not experienced any problems.  It’s a great, easy to use and the service from Goldman has been quite good. I can’t unserstand why AI wastes its time on a small number of tweeter rants.  It’s starting to feel a bit whiny and feeds into the “hate everything Apple” aura.  All i know is that i linked my card directly to my checking account and set up ACH payments automatically at the end of each month  .  Works seamlessly. Try it!
  • Steve Jobs criticized Tim Cook for not being a 'product person'

    When is enough just enough.  Isaacson has self-annointed himself as Apple sage, who was “being soft” in his book.  No, Isaacson, even with his book, is a writer who is in permanent quest for relevance in his life.  He gets paid to write these stories, but they are useless, non-productive and should be condemned.  Notice how his story conveniently left out the fact that the “product” guy, Tim Cook, has increased Apple’s value as a company and Apple’s stock price exponentially. Apple was pioneered by Steve Jobs, but its value as a company was massively increased since Cook took over as CEO.  Steve Jobs knew what he needed, and, sadly, he stepped down and anointed Cook to accomplish things that he himself was not interested in.  And guess what? It worked.  With all the incessant whining by Apple users, and all the massively inaccurate articles coming out every day about Apple’s future, I think its time for Apple to close up shop, liquidate its assets and allow copycats and substandard companies to take control.  

    Imagine a world without Apple, and you can pretty much see what I’m saying. 
  • Editorial: Axios used old 'embarrassing' IDC data to craft three Apple clickbaits in one d...

    Great piece Dan.   I saw all those Axios articles and was completely flabbergasted. Why they have platform at all is mystery to me. To sum the excellent comments today: short sellers (which i believe extends way past incident); incompetence; nefarious intentions to reduce the price of the stock. 
  • Editorial: At WWDC19, Apple charts the future of private, premium tech - alone

    As usual, a great piece by DED. Articles such as this are so much more rewarding than the volumes of gibberish and speculations spewed out by stringers and pundits who really have no idea what they are talking about.
  • Apple being sued because two-factor authentication on an iPhone or Mac takes too much time...

    I would agree with the lawsuit. The two factor authentication process is time consuming and inconvenient for the users.  
    Apple should work on another way to strengthen security. What happened to simple and intuitive philosophy of Apple’s? 
    I got a great idea for you: switch to an Android phone. You obviously are not happy with the security systems provided by Apple. You probably shoulnt own any of their products “hey Alexa, make my phone less secure please”