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  • Apple acquires popular weather app Dark Sky

    Dark Sky is a great app!  I hope the developers did well by this and will continue to work with Apple to improve weather forecasting for all.
  • Publix rolling out out contactless Apple Pay at Supermarkets amid COVID-19

    Here in Costa Rica, which is somewhat backward technologically, the big local supermarket chains have no problem with Apple Pay, although individual checkers may have no idea how to use it.  Smaller stores and restaurants accept cards but know nothing of Apple Pay.  The main holdout is Walmart, which still wants people to accept its own scheme.  Restaurants and smaller stores have no idea what Apple Pay is.  Of course because of silly-high import duties there are almost no iPhones other than those owned by people visiting from other countries.

    People are impressed with my Apple Card.  And so am I — it offers favorable exchange rates and no exchange fees.  

    I live in both Costa Rica and South Florida, and Publix is a great store. I'm pretty sure Publix's problem is agreements they made when joining the ill-fated Current-C.  I'm glad to hear that by the time I return to the Miami area,, Publix will have finally become as modern as Costa Rican's chains ... LOL.
  • A5X: How Apple took iPad to a luxury tier rivals couldn't match

    I remember when Retina displays came out, it became immediately painful for me to use a low resolution display. As soon as I got the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display I just had to get the matching iPad.  My wallet hated me but my eyes loved it. 
  • Review: Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard is a delight to type on and a joy to look at

    I love the feel of the old IBM mechanical keyboards. I like seeing a substitute with Similar sound/feel and all these options. 

    What about one with a touchpad or trackpoint?  I don’t like taking my fingers off the keyboard to use external ones. It’s going to be really clunky to use this with the MacBook Pro trackpad. 
  • Hong Kong legislator urges Tim Cook to put 'values over profits, pls!'

    It’s worth noting that the HKMap application is available on the open web accessible by iPhones and so nobody is actually deprived of the information by this. I would prefer Apple taking a stand on the side of the good guys, but this probably isn’t a hill worth dying over. Cook has had his users’ backs when it’s legal to do so. In issues such as privacy and iMessage he has taken courageous stands. Not sure if we can ask more of him than that.