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  • App and ride service Uber not 'fit and proper' to operate in London

    "The same laws and regulations" means "participate in the government-controlled monopoly."   This is not about being "fit and proper."  Nor is it about safety.  It's about money.  Government sets onerous licensing requirements with huge fees.  Once they are in bed with the service providers, they, in turn, block out all competition.   The same has happened in the United States, with taxi medallions.  This is no different than the mafia controlling the trash business.  The only real difference is it's government doing the leg breaking.  
  • FTC chief open to tech company breakups over antitrust concerns

    But leave it to an incompetent government to do stupid stuff.  The breakup of AT&T from one monopoly into 7 regional monopolies did nothing for consumers.  Any breakup needs to be multiple identical companies that would then need to compete with each other.

  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to depart in April, hands mantle to Deirdre O'Brien

    What would be great is if Deidre is temporary and they convince Ron Johnson to come back. He was great at this role. Apple would be lucky to get him back.
    Yes - Ron was outstanding. He would’ve saved JCPenney with more time...and a better interim plan. 
  • Amazon confirms New York City and Northern Virginia for new $2.5 billion corporate headqua...

    They’re completely nuts to pick New York for one of these locations.

    Also, what are the tax implications of having multiple “headquarters” anyway? I presume Amazon remains a Seattle-based corporation and these are just satellite offices.
    Amazon is a Delaware most others.
  • Ill-informed YouTuber bemoans Apple repair policies after breaking iMac Pro

    This can be a frustrating issue but it's not just an Apple issue.  These guys aren't asking for it to be repaired for free.  They admitted they broke it and they say they are offering to pay for the repair.  Several years ago I bought an LED television and mounted it on the wall.  The wall mount failed an the TV fell and broke.  Luckily I was able to use the insurance provided with my credit card that I used to purchase the television to replace it.  The crazy problem that I had was the insurance requirement for a repair estimate.  Nobody would give me an estimate.  They would say it's obviously been dropped.  I would agree and just ask for an estimate, which they would continue to refuse. 
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