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  • Apple announces colorful new 6.1-inch iPhone XR with full-screen Liquid Retina Display and...

    The R sets the baseline for the iPhone going forward. This is actually the first device in a few years Apple has released that offers value in terms of the high end of the lineup. I would have expected the R to have one-sim, A11 Bionic, and a smaller screen for $699...a very neutered Xs that would have easily upsold to the Xs/Max. Instead we got the latest features packed into a phone with only the compromise of the screen and camera. Even the storage upgrade is $50!  Not a $100 like in the old days.

    Reading between the specs here I wonder if Apple isn’t entirely gang busters for OLED (cost and manufacturing yield).  I have a feeling they are tempering demand for it with the high price, as was the case last year. The R is the flagship they can print out enough yield to meet demand with the quality standard Apple is known for.
  • The free U2 album 'Songs of Innocence' was a debacle for Apple fans on September 9, 2014

    matrix077 said:
    It’s a bit tone deaf. Should send notification, with download button if they’re so eager, telling users they got a chance to have this album for free and let them act instead. 
    Exactly. The only ‘debacle’ was that some folks had automatic downloading on and didn’t get the memo that something was going to pop up and dump onto their devices. Had they gotten an email or a pop up warning with an option to not download no one would have been freaking out.
    And I believe also the album downloaded automatically over cellular and ate into the much less generous data plans back then.  But seriously whoever was offended about their iTunes library being “infiltrated” has a serious issue.  How many times did these same people get a spam email in their inbox...the horror!  I wasn’t a big fan of U2 at the time but actually listened to the album and appreciated the gesture. Some of these artists pour their soul into their work and U2 decided to “give it away” (ok, for $100M) for the masses to own.  
  • Architect of Apple's successful renewable energy program lands at electric motor firm

    Damn, poor guy worked himself out of a job. Thanks for helping save our planet. 
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q2 2018 conference call

    Same doom and gloom we’ve seen the last 15 years.  I was on the sideline hoping a for a huge selloff so that I could swoop in and buy more shares. Oh well.

    I think one must to have had followed Apple during the SJ years closely to understand the product rollout and philosophy. The iPhone X was not meant to be In the hands of everyone. It was priced high for a reason as every newly-featured device has been so the early adopters can pay for the R&D while economies of scale allow the features to trickle down to later devices. This has happened since the beginning of time with Apple, they’ve always tempered the features.  Of course they could sell the X at a 5% margin on day one, but they have never sold anything for a margin less than 30-40%.  Everyone (analysts) should know this by now.  Apple has never raced to the bottom...ever.  They are more mature than that and it is why they sit on a hoard of cash they don’t know what to do with.  Of course Apple could sell out their customers like FB and GOOG for a quick buck, but they’re more far-sighted and innovative than that. It takes a lot of restraint on behalf of the team to continue what made Apple a different company from the beginning.  I commend them, as does my portfolio. 
  • How to buy HomePod using Apple's financing options

    I’m surprised Apple doesn’t underwrite the financing itself and offer customers a lower APR than 15%.  Like a it already has Apple Pay Cash as a way to manage it. The mechanism is already there tied to a bank account. Double win.