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  • Apple, Inc CEO Tim Cook's piqued peek at Peak iPhone

    I celebrate any article containing this delicious turn of phrase:

    "...Samsung initially experienced a "crisis of design" and responded by initiating an iPhone counterfeiting program."
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  • Key Apple TV designer Ben Keighran leaves Apple with startup plans in mind

    The bad news ---- he'll be replaced by the guys did Apple Music's UI.
  • Tim Cook, Apple employees volunteer at San Jose elementary school for MLK Day

    This looks like extreme tokenism. 

    Tim Cook championing the giving of a single day's pay to the school could have demonstrated pay disparity in a productive manner.

    One single day of Tim's income could hire 100 guys for the day, and pay for their tools and all the resources required to build whatever was needed and desired.

    With money left over for pizza and beers for everyone afterwords.

    And still enough money left over to hire two guys full time, for a year, to maintain whatever was built on this one day. 

  • After abandoning iAd revenue, Apple Inc can reintroduce an ad-free internet

    Search, Social, Adverstising, Big Data, AI, gaming, liveTV, video sharing, should all be part of Apple's services portfolio.
    I think you're missing a massive truth in this article.

    If Apple manages to make advertising based on search, social activity, big data and "news" less profitable (perhaps even undesirable) then it will harm Apple's competitors, and give Apple more success with greater control of other services consumers value - and directly pay for.

    Apple has telegraphed their desire to block ads from the mobile web. Think about what that means a little more deeply.
  • CLSA reports strong, resilient demand for iPhones in China at the expense of Huawei, Samsung

    I never understood the "smartphone saturation" thing with regards to the iPhone.

    Yes... someday everyone on Earth will own some kind of smartphone.  But even then... not everyone will have an Apple iPhone.  

    Let's say smartphone sales plateau at around 1.5 billion units a year.  Apple only sells 230 million a year right now.  So there's plenty of room for Apple to grow INSIDE a saturated market.

    Isn't this same thing happening in PC sales?  

    PC sales are down... but Apple is growing INSIDE the PC market.
    Yes. That as well.

    And we upgrade phones far more frequently than just about any other technological product. Even faster than beard trimmers and blenders ;)