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  • Samsung launches Galaxy Fold with new materials, tweaked design

    In a clear case of user error, some reviewers attempted to remove a protective screen layer thinking it was a screen protector, causing the sensitive flexible panel below to malfunction.

    Apparently it wasn’t that clear.
  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    Honestly I think the only place where people need to eat crow is with the Watch which has become a big hit. 75% of sales this quarter were to new Watch owners. That’s fantastic.
    I think the tech media has a plate piled high with crow when it comes to Mac laptop numbers. The endless negativity about Apple's design choices harming the product look like they're about as accurate as Bloomberg's spy chip hype.
    The Mac negativity isn’t really coming from the’s coming from Mac enthusiasts and some tech writers.
    You obviously don't encounter the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg. 
  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    avon b7 said:
    slurpy said:
    Kif Leswing of CNBC similarly stated that "Apple reiterated to me today that the vast majority of MacBook customers are happy and haven't had issues with the keyboard," but felt compelled to remark that "but to me, anecdotally, it feels like it's happening to everyone." "Everyone", meaning attention-whoring Youtubers and clickbait headlines. Anecdotally, not a single person I know has had KB issues with their 2016+ Macbooks.
    I was checking out MBP/Air options on Amazon prime day. In the end we rejected all of them as we have no faith in the keyboard and what it represents (top case, keyboard and battery are interconnected.

    I don't know anybody that hasn't had problems with them (although no outright failures yet) and didn't want to find myself in that supposed small percentage of users who do have problems requiring a repair. So far, these people are using thin strip's of paper to dislodge particles.

    The repair extension program is a step in the right but repairing would mean downtime that I don't fancy.

    As I am in no rush to upgrade I decided to wait it until new designs appear.
    I have had one for about six months. In truth, I prefer a heavier key like the older Mac Books, but these keys have worked just fine. and probably allow me to type faster once I became accustomed to them.  

    The reality is if Apple truly was having a significant repair problem with the keyboards, they would have redesigned them a long time ago. Apple knows better than anyone when it has a problem with repairs.

    If anything Apple extended the warranty to appease people worried about the keyboards due to reporting. 
  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    avon b7 said:
    Stopped reading after this:

    "Cook didn't even mention the millions of Huawei Androids that were diverted from Western markets to the domestic Chinese market in a desperate rash of discounting promotions this year. That's pretty clearly because Huawei's phones are not being sold to iPhone users, despite the constant insistence that Huawei is somehow pushing Apple out of business in China, when clearly that's not the case. "

    Please provide supporting links to back this claim up.

    As for the supposed claim by certain watchers that Apple wouldn't be able to shift X series phones, why did Apple pay a 'penalty' clause to Samsung for not reaching the contracted orders for displays?

    Clearly someone got their estimates very, very wrong.
    Talk about hypocrisy. Please provide something other than rumor that Apple paid Samsung a penalty clause. Where is a Samsung or Apple statement or Apple financial record that support that rumor? Don't give me an android central link. 

    Even if true, the rumor concerns OLED displays not LCD displays. It is quite possible that Apple over estimated the more expensive iPhone XS sales that have OLED displays, but under estimated the less expensive iPhone XS sales which don't use OLED displays. So if accurate, Apple could sell less XSs than thought thereby owing Samsung a penalty, but selling way more XRs then thought resulting in a net gain for Apple. 

  • Huawei expects $30B revenue hit, 60M fewer phones sold due to US ban

    avon b7 said:
    Making China bleed & change is much more important than a few lost jobs.  Intellectual property theft costs the US hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
    The case with Huawei isn't about making China 'bleed'. It is protectionism IMO.

    If you want to make China 'bleed' and change, as you say, you (and anyone else who shares that opinion) can contribute to that directly by refusing to buy anything Made in China. 

    However, I doubt you are willing to do that and probably have a fair few products that are made in China or require Chinese patents.

    In the absence (a very long absence) of national security evidence to actually support Trump's claims, together with his very open admittance to seeing Huawei possibly included in a trade deal, the conclusion is clear and countries around the world have taken note. 

    Then there is this angle:

    Maybe it is about protectionism, but companies like Apple have a had time competing fairly against companies like Huawei. That is because companies like Apple spend hundreds of million on research and development and companies like Huawei just steal the technology with the support of the Chinese government. American can't compete fairly against Chinese subsidized labor either.

    Pretty much all of Huawei's smart phones are rip offs. Huawei's leader dresses like Steve Jobs on stage. 

    I don't feel any pity for 

    Tariff's date back to the Founding of our Country and were designed to level the playing field. Republicans and Democrats alike sold out when dropping Tariffs for Countries like China. 

    I say this as a person who would never vote for Carrot Head.