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  • Apple's 'modular' Mac Pro design may mean units that connect like Lego bricks

    davgreg said:
    The Texas Instruments 4A had a "Peripheral Expansion Box" that was modular in a lateral setup way back in the early days of personal computing.

    H-P offers a somewhat modular compact desktop with different plug-in modules connecting through a USB connector. The Elite Slice has been on sale for a couple of years.

    I do not know if the report is correct, but Apple has a long history of proprietary connectors used to lock customers in.

    Some of Apple’s connectors provided benefits that Intel wasn’t offering at the time. If it wanted functionality not offered by it had no choice but to develop its own connectors. For example FireWire and the Lightening Connector. FireWire was way ahead of competing options. Some of its functionality has as far as I know still havent been Replaced. Apple was also among the first to adopt USB so I don’t think it adopts proprietary cables to lock people into anything..
  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    avon b7 said:
    mercel said:
    At least the Chinesse realize they dont have what is required to create such amazing products and they are trying to learn how to make it... is bad but you have to learn somewere.... Apple need to protect better its investments
    And people should stop patronizing the copycat manufacturers.  I’m looking at you Huawei, Samsung, etc.  
    At this point in time it should be clear to all that a very widespread and intense slur campaign is underway by the US government against Huawei.

    The US is pushing other countries hard to stop Huawei's progress in key strategic fields where the US looks to lose influence.

    Pompeo is on tour at this very moment and attacking Huawei at every step - and admitting to it publicly - but with little or nothing in tow in terms of facts.

    I would say if there is anything to bite on, companies must present formal charges. 'Anonymous' claims and how they are presented should be taken lightly until the 5G roll out is well under way.

    Huawei's R&D outlay has been consistently near the top of the world rankings for years now and that is part of the reality the US hawks do not want to entertain. 

    The courts is very much the way to go if any of the facts want to be heard (should they truly exist).

    As far as stripping down competitors' products goes, I'm sure it's standard practice and I include Apple in this group too as well.

    Gosh you claim there are very little facts to back things up, but you show very little yourself. We do know they tried to steal technology from T-Mobile as well as Akhan. Huawei's phones are iPhone knock offs. According to news reports this week, Huawei tried to gain information about competitors by promising manufactures manufacturing contracts for stealing technology and the same of employees of competitors. 

    There is also a difference between buying a competitors products to learn how they work to illegally stealing the underlying IP. I wonder who's phone Apple bought and broke down when it first came up with the iPhone or Apple Watch. 
  • Apple to acquire voice app firm PullString in deal worth below $100M, report says

    Good buy!

    But when will Apple use their tech? Apple acquired a company years ago that had a voice assistant that was so smart it makes all the current assistants look like 4-year-olds.

    Right? This is probably another ploy by Apple to trick its users into thinking Siri will actually be decent sometime in the near future. Not falling for it this time.
    It’s completely decent. I have no issues with normal tasks such as notes, reminders, texts, appointments, homekit, and routine trivia. What sort of real world problems are you having?

    Exactly. Even though she is limited on the HomePod, I find her especially rewarding because she hears great. She does all the things you mention and more. She increased he joke library to boot. She added Wikipedia to her knowledge base. I ask her things all the time like, "who whom the Oscar for best picture in 1972." She knows the answer. She also can tell you things like what is the best reviewed coffee place or what is the closet coffee place. She is completely useful.  She keeps improving without announcements to For instance, Siri on HomePod couldn't originally do multiple timers. Now she can. I often tell her I love a song, which means she will remember what songs are my favorites. Siri will make reservations. 

    She sometimes will fail on my phone if my phone is on wifi and I have a poor connection or if I am using her over bluetooth in my car but this is for poor internet connection issues. Some of this could be improved by not needing the internet for certain tasks that could be performed on the phone. 

    Siri also needs works building off previous asked questions.
  • Apple removes Siri team lead as part of AI strategy shift

    I don't buy the Siri is sooo far behind. Not for one minute. The entire issue is really about what access you give these intrusive home listening devices. They are toys at this point. You ply a song, you look up weather. what exactly are they doing to change your life? And I ask honestly. The Google and Amazon devices are happy to rummage through your life to find connections. Giving the device access to everything you write, all your address, your locations, your work and children ETC, yes. It will 'seem' smarter. It's just a better spy isn't it?

    I think Siri actually has gotten a lot better and is a useful took. People were bad mouthing her on the Home Pod, where she is handicapped, but she does a lot. I actually use her quite a bit. She can make phone calls, tell the weather, set a timer, tell me where the closest restaurants are, answer a lot of questions (.e.g who won best actor in 1998, when was Prince born, how far is it to a particular location, what movies are playing at the theater, what is a hammerhead shark, and answer lots of other questions, etc.), make reservations, make an appointment, and her joke arsenal, although G rated, has I'm improved. On the HomePod I ask her questions, and she hears me from another room behind a wall. She creates play lists based on artists I like, and I tell her when I really like a song. Useful and fun stuff.
  • DOJ charges Huawei with stealing trade secrets, financial fraud, violating sanctions, more...

    acejax805 said:
    It's amazing how people allow their feelings to get in the way of facts. From what I have heard, TMobile provided the US Government unequivocal proof (surveillance video showing the theft) which is what triggered these events. Crazy how people have a higher regard for a Communist country over the US, but that's just people's bias. Thank goodness facts don't care about anyone's feelings.
     I hate Trump. Some people , however, think that just because he is a horrible person that he is entirely wrong about everything. He is right about China’s trade abuses and its ill regard for Foreign companies IP. Perhaps his execution of the tariffs can be questioned, China’s Ill regard for IP hurts US companies and our economy. China can steal Apple’s ideas and implement them even before Apple can because it controls the factories. The irony is Apples Chinese competitors get credit for being innovative for being first to market when they merely bipassed the reasearch and development stage by taking somebody else’s work. I remember when Apple had a commercial with a tank saying its computers were so powerful for national security concerns they couldn’t be exported to places like China.