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  • Apple's new 30W USB-C power adapter replaces older 29W model

    Bought the 29 Watt USB C Adapter to replace the glacial charging of buy iPad Pro on the included 5 watt charger.

    Do not waste your money.

    I later bought an Anker Powerport 2 Elite (24 watt) with IQ charging. It does a better job than either Apple charger and can charge 2 devices at once and optimize the charging of both. They are a whole $12.99 on Amazon and you can then buy a nice matching cord wrapped cable and neither are white.

  • Google Maps, Waze & other navigation apps finally coming to Apple CarPlay

    wood1208 said:
    Best news out of WWDC2018. Now, we need wireless CarPlay in every vehicle produced and no one should buy new vehicle purchase without such CarPlay functionality.
    Unfortunately some makers charge for it and BMW starting this fall will treat it like a subscription. That is nothing but greed.
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  • Google Maps, Waze & other navigation apps finally coming to Apple CarPlay

    Glad to see we can ditch Apple Maps- it is not ready for prime time for accurate navigation or traffic routing. Hopefully we will get better streaming radio options. TuneIn Radio Pro has been on CarPlay for a long time but makes my iPhone run hot and no other app I have does that. They have been notified many releases ago and it still is a problem. I would love to see a weather plug in to navigation apps so that drivers could be warned of severe weather along the route so they can delay or re-route and miss the mess. I work in healthcare and pull call. Many times we have to drive in really vile weather and that could be a great thing to have. I doubt any of you want to drive into a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning if you could route around it.
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  • Video: What to expect at WWDC 2018

    nunzy said:
    Don't expect too much for Mac. Apple is now a portable device company. The desktop is dead.
    The Desktop is not dead, but Apple seems to have forgotten it.
    When you see xCode for iOS that can run on iOS, get the nails out for the Mac.
  • Apple in conversations with Goldman Sachs to launch Apple Pay branded credit card

    Not happy about Apple getting into bed with Bankster #1, Government Sachs. I'll spare you the details, but the info is out there for anyone interested.

    There are better outfits to deal with.

    I would rather Apple set up a Bank as a separate but wholly owned subsidiary. They can then hire people who share the values of the company.
    If Apple created their own bank they would have to deal with lots of regulators like FDIC, OCC and Fed Reserve.
    Apple could create a stand alone company that operates independently after setting it up in the fashion they desire. Then IPO it with supershares that give themselves voting control. 
    This means Apple is not the majority stockholder, yet controls the company which is a separate entity.

    Supershares has long been used to exercise control after a founder or owner has divested most of the ownership. The Ford family did it when the took Ford public in the 1950s and any number of tech Billionaires have done it since.

    By controlling but not owning the company, Apple avoids a lot of headaches.