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  • Tim Cook debunks rumors of slow iPhone X sales

    gilly017 said:
    The rumor mill never gets tired of having egg in the face. Take that Bloomberg yah bunch of schmucks.

    The Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley forecasts were both correct (within 1%). What are you talking about?
  • Apple needs to stop pre-announcing products like the Mac Pro and AirPower that won't be av...

    Dave Kap said:
     I disagree. I think it’s important for us to let us know what’s coming down the pipeline.

    Furthermore I don’t think it’s your right to state that Apple needs to do anything in all. 

    It's an opinion piece, of course they have a right to an opinion. 
  • Lesser-known Android phone makers copy look of Apple's iPhone X

    rrrize said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    I think the reason behind the notch is to improve the user experience. If the camera array was above the screen the users would have to look avbive the screen to trigger FaceID then refocus on the screen after being granted access. The notch means they just look at the screen and they’re in.
    Well, I own an iPhone X (256GB) and my experience is when watching a movie in full screen

    You've already ruined the movie by watching it on a tiny screen.
  • Amazon, big finance spearhead healthcare effort without 'profit-making incentives'

    This really could swing either way - companies will have a far greater incentive to focus on preventative health care, which is far more cost effective that the treatments cost years or decades later (smoking, sugar intake, lack of exercise, regular checkups). Also if they can do something about the insane cost of healthcare in the US, than can only be a good thing. Insurance companies have never addressed that.

    On the other hand, your employer knowing everything about your health might not be a good thing. You can see a future where compensation, promotion and other decisions could be made with health considerations in mind, or even decisions about lay-offs. Employees could be more dependent than ever on their employers (COBRA isn't great but it can give you a cushion) so losing your job or quitting because of some unacceptable factor at work, would cost you more than ever.

    Of course, the fact that this is even something they need to consider doing, because healthcare in this county is such a freaking mess, is the real tragedy.
    steven n.randominternetpersonpalomine
  • Court throws out lawsuit blaming lack of texting 'lock-out' technology in iPhone caused ca...

    If you kill or injure someone with a vehicle because you were texting or doing anything else with your phone, it needs to be a felony and carry a much harsher sentence. 

    The real story story here is yet another irresponsible driver got away with killing someone.