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  • FCC approves $26.5 billion T-Mobile and Sprint merger

    Except that Sprint is not a significant driving force for lower prices. T-Mobile has been—first with separating device financing from mobile service, and then by pushing unlimited for a reasonable price. Sprint, like the other carriers, simply followed.

    T-Mobile’s approach has been in response to Verizon, not Sprint. Losing Sprint as a separate carrier will not affect consumers’ wallets anytime soon and possibly never.

    Though I dislike Sprint so I’m bugged by the merger with T-Mobile. But if the new entity continues the same approach as T-Mobile then I’ll have nothing legitimate to complain about.
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  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    I thought years ago Apple said the Mac Pro would be made in the US...
  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    tomahawk said:
    Easy solution.  Do the same thing retailers love to do with sales.  Put a red slash through it but then put the phrase "Tariff Price: " and make it 25% higher.  Make it crystal clear who is actually paying for the tariffs (US consumers).
    Our culture lives on a dreamboat thinking we can enact great change with minimal inconvenience to our own lives. We’re in a lot of the messes we’re in now because we want to be comfortable, because we don’t want to lose anything ‘important’ to us.

    If we need to pay a ‘25%’ tax on products to help put China in its place then we should be willing.
  • Mouse support in iOS 13 and iPadOS includes USB and Bluetooth devices

    Good, mouse support doesn’t belong on touch devices (except in exceptional circumstances). If you want to use a mouse then use macOS.
  • Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version

    Very nice. Although not intended, even a small dent in a ‘global economy’ is a good thing. The world cannot all get along no matter how good the intentions are, and the larger the groups of diverse people equally governed the less likely they will be to agree and get along. Discrimination, persecution, division, and totalitarianism will be necessary to manage a globally oriented population. Ironically, the result of a global economy will be exactly the opposite of what is hoped for.