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  • iPhone unlocking firm Grayshift faces extortion demands after data breach

    I’m quite pleased this firm developed this product. It shows the fuss the FBI and other law enforcement agencies is unfounded, that it’s the responsibility of others to work out solutions to get at the data rather than ask the manufacturers to solve law enforcement’s problems.

    It also shows the lack of willingness of the FBI and other law enforcements agencies to sacrifice security for freedom (which is very shortsighted because it solves an immediate problem while creating a much bigger one) is even more problematic, because the problem can be solved.
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  • FCC approves $26.5 billion T-Mobile and Sprint merger

    Except that Sprint is not a significant driving force for lower prices. T-Mobile has been—first with separating device financing from mobile service, and then by pushing unlimited for a reasonable price. Sprint, like the other carriers, simply followed.

    T-Mobile’s approach has been in response to Verizon, not Sprint. Losing Sprint as a separate carrier will not affect consumers’ wallets anytime soon and possibly never.

    Though I dislike Sprint so I’m bugged by the merger with T-Mobile. But if the new entity continues the same approach as T-Mobile then I’ll have nothing legitimate to complain about.
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  • Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version

    Very nice. Although not intended, even a small dent in a ‘global economy’ is a good thing. The world cannot all get along no matter how good the intentions are, and the larger the groups of diverse people equally governed the less likely they will be to agree and get along. Discrimination, persecution, division, and totalitarianism will be necessary to manage a globally oriented population. Ironically, the result of a global economy will be exactly the opposite of what is hoped for.
  • iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max -- Hands on and first impressions

    rinosaur said:
    That camera design is absolutely atrocious... Apple design really going downhill :neutral: 
    On the contrary, for what it is I can’t imagine it looking nicer. To me 3 lenses look excessive and overly obtrusive, but Apple owned it and made it look as good and elegant as it could possibly look. I haven’t used the camera so I can’t say whether it is worth it or not, but it is firstly about the function of the camera and not the looks, so I’m fine with what Apple did as long as the camera really adds value.

    It’s the same deal with the X/XS. Apple owned the dual lens and turned it into something nice looking (for what it is), especially compared to previous designs.
  • Mouse support in iOS 13 and iPadOS includes USB and Bluetooth devices

    Good, mouse support doesn’t belong on touch devices (except in exceptional circumstances). If you want to use a mouse then use macOS.
  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    tomahawk said:
    Easy solution.  Do the same thing retailers love to do with sales.  Put a red slash through it but then put the phrase "Tariff Price: " and make it 25% higher.  Make it crystal clear who is actually paying for the tariffs (US consumers).
    Our culture lives on a dreamboat thinking we can enact great change with minimal inconvenience to our own lives. We’re in a lot of the messes we’re in now because we want to be comfortable, because we don’t want to lose anything ‘important’ to us.

    If we need to pay a ‘25%’ tax on products to help put China in its place then we should be willing.
  • Apple insists App Store 'not a monopoly,' expects to win in court

    ralphie said:
    You just proved the whole case. You have a choice of Walmart or Costco, etc. with iOS the developer has NO choice.
    Apple isn’t trying to eliminate competition or even (directly) remove choice. Are you perhaps too young to remember that Apple didn’t even want to provide developers with a means to develop apps for the iPhone initially?

    That was for security reasons, and that’s the primary reason the App Store is the only means of app distribution.

    Some of the people who are fighting Apple’s approach maybe believe they have a noble cause, but all that will happen if they’re successful is to weaken the security of users’ devices and hurt Apple’s image (as nefarious apps end up on unsuspecting users’ devices). And Apple should make their devices less secure so that a small percentage of users can save a few dollars? How asinine.

    Apps are so cheap, thanks to Apple. Or are you also too young to know how much software used to cost before the App Store?
  • Italy plans 'web tax' on Apple and all digital firms

    Once upon a time taxes were minimal. Then we accepted larger government and the taxes which come with that. We get used to them and then even stop caring very much that large government services are wasteful and inefficient. We’ll pay to avoid the responsibility ourselves.

    So when something like this comes up we think of positive ways it can be seen, rather than just inefficient government bloat that will, guaranteed, get bigger and bigger with higher and higher taxes (in the long term). And then it will become too difficult to change away from our approach to government because it’s so large, and so it will become worse and worse.
  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

    pjs_socal said:
    I am surprised that it took EU countries this long to enact these kinds of taxes. It’s common knowledge that Apple (with help from Ireland) took advantage of loopholes in international tax laws to reduce their tax burden. Of course, Apple has done nothing illegal, but it’s completely within each country’s rights to change tax laws to close those loopholes.
    On one hand you may be correct, but on the other hand (one you were not speaking about...) taxes just in general are outrageously high and collecting these is just another failed attempt at governing. These taxes are a burden put on citizens not out of fair altruism by recouping money lost through ‘loopholes’ in tax laws, but rather out of a general attitude of turning toward increased taxes in an attempt to make up for inefficiency and greed.

    We’ve gotten so used to this that we’re barely phased by it (outside of temporary moaning and complaining) even though everyone knows this is just a money grab.

    I firmly believe the government can be run generously with a 10% income tax collection (and no sales tax). We just need to change our attitudes about tax and the responsibilities of the government.
  • Adobe's new Fresco iPad app is designed for all skill levels

    $120 for a year’s use of an app intended for hobbyists... Just a reminder why I ditched Adobe products years ago.